Vape Sensor Device

Detect Nicotine, THC, CBD, and Delta 8 Smoke from Vape Pens

Door Entry Access Control Solutions

Vape & Multi-Sensor DetectionThe IoT multi-sensor device from IdentiSys detects and alerts a wide range of unsafe substances and suspicious activity including marijuana (THC), vape, and masking. This detector is the only current product on the market that is able to differentiate between vaping, vaping with THC and masking.

  • Marijuana (THC) - Able to trace the chemical component in marijuana given off by the use of vape pens and other smoking methods. 
  • Vape - Uses a vape detection algorithm to automatically learn the environment and sense when vaping is happening.
  • Masking - Detects when someone is trying to cover up their vaping activity through the use of perfume, cologne or other aerosol sprays.

Vape detectors are commonly placed in bathrooms, locker rooms, dorm rooms, faculty rooms, break rooms, patient rooms, guest rooms, and common areas.

IdentiSys can help your organization detect active vaping in your facility to keep individuals safe. Contact us today for more or request a quote.

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