High Security ID, Badges and Accountability Systems

IdentiSys collaborates with federal, state and local government agencies to solve identity card and security issues. Government ID card programs are used to badge employees — such as municipal agencies like police and fire departments — and military that meet FIPS 201 and interoperability standards, as well national IDs, driver's licenses, smart IDs, healthcare IDs, gun permit IDs, and more.

In addition to solutions for ID credentials, IdentiSys is a provider of emergency first responder accountability and tracking systems to make personnel accountability an automatic part of on-scene operations, eliminating opportunities for human error where possible and providing continuous tracking without interfering with operations.

Experienced in complex credentialing projects large and small, Identisys has solutions for government programs that involve identification, first responder tracking, and much more.

Things to Consider

  • Can you easily identify who should and should not be there?
  • How can you use an ID card for multiple applications?
  • Are the IDs you issue secure?
  • What areas need to be restricted?
  • What current systems and databases need to be integrated?
  • How can you easily issue licenses, permits and passes?
  • How long are people waiting in lines?

Government Solutions

Government ID Cards and Badges

Government Identification

High Security Government Badges & ID Cards

High security ID systems for government ID badges, national IDs, driver's licenses, smart IDs, healthcare IDs, gun permit IDs, and more.

First Responder Accountability and Asset Tracking

First Responder Accountability

Tracking of Personnel and Equipment

Track and manage assets and personnel on the scene with an emergency response tracking system.

Police Body Worn Cameras

Law Enforcement

Police and Sheriff IDs, Body Worn Cameras and Video Interview Room Systems

Solutions for identification, body cameras and video systems for sheriff and police departments.

NIST SP800 171

NIST SP 800-171 Mandate Compliance

Security Authentication for Government Contractors

If you are a contractor to governmental agencies and organizations, the government’s new mandate NIST Special Publication 800-171 requires that you must implement security measures beyond passwords to support these entities.

Other Government Solutions