Government ID Card Systems

IdentiSys is your comprehensive local provider for cutting-edge ID card printers, supplies, and accessories. Our solutions are meticulously designed to cater to a wide array of identification needs, including the creation of state IDs, licenses, gun permits, and employee photo ID badges. With our technology, we empower government agencies, businesses, and organizations to enhance security, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

ID Card Printers, Supplies, and Accessories

Government - ID Card Printers, Supplies, and AccessoriesAt IdentiSys, we understand the importance of high-quality and reliable identification cards. That's why we offer an extensive range of ID card printers, supplies, and accessories to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you're looking to issue state IDs, licenses, gun permits, or create professional employee photo ID badges, our products deliver exceptional print quality, durability, and security features.

  • Employee Photo ID Badges
  • State IDs, Licenses, and Permit Cards

Employee Tracking Solutions

Government - Employee Tracking SolutionsOur tracking solutions are designed to provide organizations with the tools they need to monitor employee locations, attendance, mustering, and asset tracking efficiently. With our advanced technology, you can ensure accurate tracking of personnel and assets, enhancing safety and security within your facility.

  • Employee Location Tracking: Keep track of employee movements for safety and efficiency.
  • Attendance Monitoring: Simplify your attendance tracking for accurate payroll processing.
  • Asset Tracking: Securely monitor your valuable assets and equipment.

Integration with Access Control Systems

Government - Integration with Access Control SystemsWe go beyond just issuing ID cards and badges by offering integration services with existing access control systems. Our technology allows for the utilization of technology cards, enabling seamless use of ID badges for gate and door access. This integration ensures a secure and convenient way for employees and authorized personnel to access restricted areas, improving overall security and operational efficiency.

  • Proximity and Smart Card Credentials
  • ID Card Printers with Encoding Capabilities
  • Customizable Sticky Cards That Adhere to Clamshell Cards

Government Solutions

Government ID Cards and Badges

Government Identification

High Security Government Badges & ID Cards

High security ID systems for government ID badges, national IDs, driver's licenses, smart IDs, healthcare IDs, gun permit IDs, and more.

First Responder Accountability and Asset Tracking

First Responder Accountability

Tracking of Personnel and Equipment

Track and manage assets and personnel on the scene with an emergency response tracking system.

Police Body Worn Cameras

Law Enforcement

Police and Sheriff IDs, Body Worn Cameras and Video Interview Room Systems

Solutions for identification, body cameras and video systems for sheriff and police departments.

NIST SP800 171

NIST SP 800-171 Mandate Compliance

Security Authentication for Government Contractors

If you are a contractor to governmental agencies and organizations, the government’s new mandate NIST Special Publication 800-171 requires that you must implement security measures beyond passwords to support these entities.

Other Government Solutions