Casino Staff and Vendor ID Badges & Cards

Casino Staff and Vendor Badges

Properly identify casino employees, suppliers, contractors and vendors with secure photo ID badges printed with a photo ID system from IdentiSys. Utilize technology cards for additional functions ​including access control, tracking and transactions.

ID badges ​start with simple visual identification — name, photo, position, etc. — and can be embedded with a contact or contactless technology chip for integration ​to access control and tracking systems.

With ID and tracking systems from IdentiSys, you can create cards for use for:

  • Identifying employees, suppliers, contractors and vendors
  • Register, manage and tracking employees, suppliers, contractors and v​endors
  • Access control (key card door access)
  • Asset tracking
  • Cashless vending
  • Parking facilities

IdentiSys is a trusted provider of casino identification and tracking solutions. From simple ​standalone photo ID systems to integrated solutions for databases and ​vendor management systems, the breadth and depth of our portfolio means you can always find a perfect fit or solution for your needs and budget.