Casino Player Facial Recognition

Quickly Identify Banned or VIP Players

Casinos ban players all the time, for many reasons ranging from card counters, people using counterfeit bills, general disruptive behavior, to even voluntary bans (problem gambling list). Face detection (facial recognition) is an effective tool for casinos and other gaming facilities to catch and identify unwanted patrons from the premises. At the same time, face detection is just as effective for identifying VIP guests for faster recognition and VIP customer service.

IdentiSys is a provider of an enhanced visitor management system designed for gaming facilities with a built-in internal watchlist appliance that utilizes IP cameras to watch for individuals that are banned or are known VIP players. The system utilizes unlimited custom automated alerts and has investigative tools to allow for analyzing videos and photos of incidents.

The full system software includes:

  • Visitor management software to create and manage the status of all client records, to determine if they are allowed on the premises.
  • Facial recognition matching platform to monitor the video feeds, for any unwanted or unauthorized visitors to the building.
  • Facial recognition investigative application to allow for manual loading and screening of recorded video clips and photos from the field.

IdentiSys is a trusted provider and partner for casino identification and tracking solutions, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing software programs. Contact us today to learn more on how we can implement or improve your security and customer service.