Membership & Loyalty

Card Printing and Tracking Systems

Loyalty Cards

Membership and loyalty card systems are an easy way to track a member base, including frequent visits and/or purchases. Implement loyalty programs that reward customers with discounts, bonuses or incentives based on the customers’ visiting and spending habits.

IdentiSys can work with organizations to design, produce, and integrate a membership or loyalty card system for customers or members, including programs like seasonal passes and frequent shopper cards. From basic programs to more sophisticated programs, IdentiSys has the hardware and technology to implement a system for all sorts of membership and loyalty programs.

Membership & Loyalty Solutions

Membership and Loyalty Tracking Software

Membership & Loyalty Tracking

Membership Card Tracking Software

Membership tracking software utilizes bar code ​or magnetic stripe PVC plastic cards for membership cards.​

Desktop Membership Card Printing

Desktop Membership & Loyalty Card Printing

Print & Issue Cards Instantly

Print membership and loyalty ID cards with a desktop ID card printer and software.

Membership and Loyalty Card Central Issuance

​Central Card Printing ​and Mailing Fulfillment

Print a High Volume of Cards at a Central Location

Print membership and loyalty ID cards with a central issuance system. These systems print high volume of cards at high speeds for bureau-style printing.

Membership Card Printing Service

Membership & Loyalty Card Printing Service

Outsource Your Card Printing Program

Avoid the cost of ​plastic card printing equipment by having the Internal Service Bureau from IdentiSys produce ​membership cards for you.