Custom Hotel Room Key Cards

Hotel RFID-Compatible and Magnetic Stripe Cards

Pre-Printed Hotel Room Key Cards

Magnetic stripe and RFID plastic cards are generally used in the hospitality industry today for resort and hotel room key cards. Traditional magnetic stripe key cards are less expensive and require less maintenance. RFID key cards are more secure and make it easier for the guest to use, as they are contactless — with just the simple wave of the card to open the room door.

Some hotels utilize co-branded key cards — a joint venture between a hotel and an advertiser, potentially offsetting the costs of the key cards. In some cases, multiple advertisers pay for advertising space on the key cards.

IdentiSys is a supplier of high quality pre-printed magnetic stripe and branded or generic RFID key cards — including hotel RFID-compatible cards. Regardless of the lock system technology your hotel or resort uses, we can quickly and easily provide you quotations and options.