Portable Metal Tag Embossing

Stamp Metal Plates & Tags in any Environment

Some applications require metal plates and tags be made on demand, and in some cases, require them to be made with no electricity. IdentiSys offers two kinds of portable stamping machines that can fulfil these unique demands.

Portable Metal Tag Machines

Types of Portable Metal Tag Embossers

CIM M10HE Portable Manual Metal Plate Embosser
The CIM M10HE is a portable, robust and compact solution for metal plate making ideal for manual personalization of tags in any environment. The M10 HE has an easy to carry handle, weighs only 28 pounds and requires no electric power for operation.

CIM ME550 Portable Automatic Metal Plate Embosser
The CIM ME550 is a portable, mid-volume, automatic metal plate embossing machine that can work as a stand-alone system. The ME550 is an all-in-one solution with a 7" built-in touchscreen display, remote access and management, and USB, ethernet and wifi connectivity.

CIM ME550 CR80 Portable Automatic CR80-Sized Metal Plate Embosser
The ME550 CR80 is a portable metal tag embosser designed to manage CR80 tag sizes CR80, ideal for permanent marking of aluminum and stainless steel tags.

CIM ME550 Portable Automatic ​Dog Tag Embosser and Debosser
The ME550 ​Dog Tag machine is a portable, fully automatic solution for marking dog tags and medical alert tags and it is currently among the most reliable and easy to use machines on the market.