Document Shredding & Document Destruction

Identity theft is the nation's fastest growing type of consumer fraud. The confidential information that thieves use to commit fraudulent crimes often stems from material that should have been shredded. Once information is compromised, reversing the damage can be difficult. Help keep the sensitive information out of the wrong hands with high quality industrial shredders.

Are you looking for a way to destroy printer ribbons? Check out the IdentiSys Rippa Feed Device.

What should be shredded?

  • Confidential bank information
  • Used card printer ribbons with sensitive information
  • Old or unused business records
  • CDs, DVDs, hard drives and unused/discarded plastic cards
  • Materials that require compliance with specified security levels

What to consider when choosing a shredder

  • What types of materials need to be properly discarded
  • How much volume will be shredded 
  • What security level is necessary
  • Where will this shredder be located (sound level or physical footprint)

Regardless of the organization size or security needs, look to IdentiSys for complete document shredding needs!

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