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  • Xceed ID cards

    Full Allegion (aptiQ & XceedID) Credentials Suite

      Note: XceedID and aptiQ is now branded Schlage. See Full Allegion ​Schlage Credentials Suite. Our wide range of XceedID® proximity and aptiQ™ smart cards by Allegion™ can help handle multiple applications with just one card! These cards can be used for various applications - such as access control, cashless cafeteria, vending and PC/network secure log-on to name ...
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    • AMT Datasouth Fastmark M7 Series High Performance The...

        The Fastmark M7 is discontinued. See the Fastmark M10 series thermal printer. The AMT Datasouth Fastmark M7 is a powerful, full-featured, high performance printer with touchscreen dislay. Its low profile still handles an 8” OD label roll, delivers fast throughput making it ideal for any high volume application. M7 Standard Features Direct ...
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      • Clamshell Proximity Cards

        aptiQ™ 13.56 MHz Smart Cards, Keyfobs Credentials

          Note: aptiQ is now branded Schlage. See Schlage 13.56 MHz Smart Cards, Keyfobs Credentials. aptiQ™ contactless smart credentials put you in control by delivering smarter solutions. These credentials protect your most sensitive data by utilizing extra layers of security protection, and can be used for many other applications including transit, cashless vending, and ...
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        • XceedID ISO-Glossy White

          aptiQ™ Multi-Technology Credentials

            Note: aptiQ is now branded Schlage. See Schlage Multi-Technology Credentials. aptiQ™ multi-technology credentials are extremely flexible. Particularly useful during a transition from proximity technology to smart technology, this card can be read by both proximity readers and smart readers. This allows customers to economically migrate to the latest smart technology at their ...
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          • CIM Sunlight Lux Dual-Sided ID Card Printer

              The CIM Sunlight Lux printer is discontinued and will be available in limited quantities. Call us today to receive pricing on remaining inventory! The user-friendly CIM Sunlight Lux dual-sided ID card printer is ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking for a dual-sided card printing and encoding solution that offers high ...
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