ID Card Production Services

Internal Service Bureau and On-Site ​Card Printing

The ownership of an in-house ID card system may be not an option for some organizations due to budget restraints, or because it is not worth the hassle and resources of staffing personnel to manage the equipment. ​Other organizations may require assistance in printing high-volume jobs at peak production times. For the reasons mentioned above and more, outsource your card printing requirements by issuing high quality plastic ID cards and badges with the Internal Service Bureau or On-Site Card Printing Service from IdentiSys.

Virtually any type of PVC card can be custom-printed — including magnetic stripe, RFID, proximity and smart cards — ​in large batches or on demand. Most projects require cards that are CR-80/30 mil sized (credit card size), but other oversized card formats are available, including 3.375" x 4.875", 3.46" x 5.5", 3.5" x 5.5" and 4" x 6". From gift cards to membership cards ​and ​oversized event badges, ​IdentiSys has a solution for it all.

Card Design Services
Don't have your own card design? No problem.

Card design services are available with both the Internal Service Bureau and On-Site Card Printing Services. Professional card designers can assist with custom card design, including the use of a company's logo and PMS colors. Card options include bar codes, magnetic stripes, smart cards, signature panels, overlaminate, holograms, UV fluorescent images/text, and many other custom security features.

Internal Service Bureau

​The Internal Service Bureau can ​produce pre-printed cards with a quick turnaround, including card fulfillment options of card personalization, affixing and mailing the card to the recipient. Whether it is for an employee badging project at a small office, or for ongoing gift card orders for a national retail chain, IdentiSys has the resources and equipment to handle the service bureau requirements of various organizations of all sizes. 

Full Pre-Printed ID Cards
Full Pre-Printed Cards

Full pre-printed cards require no in-house ID card system, as everything — including custom static or variable data and images — is printed fully on the cards at one of our secure service bureau facilities. Pre-printed badges can be produced before an event with a pre-registered list of attendees, thus eliminating the need for someone to be on site for badging.

Partial Pre-Printed ID Cards
Partial-Printed ID Cards

With edge-to-edge printing, perfect color matching, and consistent excellent quality partially-printed cards, quickly personalize high quality cards in-house and issue on site. Since static data and high resolution images are pre-printed, custom on-demand cards can be issued quickly on site with a less robust and affordable desktop card system.

On-Site Card Printing Service

Whether you need ID badges for an event, or require assistance printing large print jobs at peak production times, a card printing specialist from IdentiSys can set up on location and print ID cards for your organization. IdentiSys has experience badging ​large conferences and national sporting events, as well as providing on-site ID card printing services for various organizations and universities.

On-Site Event Badges
On-Site Event Badge Printing

Event ID Badges can incorporate a barcode or RFID chip, so that attendees can be tracked at an event. These badges come in standard CR80/30 mil (credit card size) cards, as well as various oversized card formats and thicknesses.

On-Site Employee Badges
On-Site ID Badge Printing

Newly implemented badging requirements, company mergers and re-branding create an influx of demand for employee ID badges to be printed and/or re-issued. Even if you have your own ID card system for ongoing printing over time, a high volume of badges may be a too much to handle at once.

Miscellaneous On-Site Card Service Bureau
On-Site Card Printing

Custom identification (such as student ID cards), membership or loyalty cards for your organization may be issued on site at a single event or meeting. Even if you have your own ID card system, a high volume of cards may be a burden for a single system.

On-Site Printing and Pre-Printed Card Examples
Custom Photo ID Badge Printing

Custom Photo ID Badges
Employee Badges, Security Badges

Some Optional Features:

  • Photo
  • Variable Data
  • Security Hologram
  • Bar Code
  • Mag Encoding
  • Smart Encoding
Custom Membership Card Printing

Custom Membership ID Cards
Membership Cards, Club Cards

Some Optional Features:

  • Photo
  • Variable Data
  • Laminate
  • Bar Code
  • Mag Stripe
  • Signature Panel
Pre-Printed Custom Loyalty and Gift Cards

Custom Gift & Loyalty Cards
Gift Cards, Shopper & Customer Reward Cards

Some Optional Features:

  • RFID
  • HiCo Mag Stripe
  • LoCo Mag Stripe
  • Full Pre-Print
  • Partial-Print
  • Bar Code
Custom Event Badge Printing

Custom Event ID Badges
Staff Badges, Conference Badges, Backstage Passes

Some Optional Features:

  • Oversized Card
  • Bar Code
  • RFID Tracking
  • Photo 
  • Full Pre-Print
  • Partial-Print

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