​K-12 School Student Behavior Management System

Verify Student Information, Print Passes, Assign Warnings, Manage Detentions and More

​Gone are the days when school staff issued unorganized hand written hall passes, warnings and detention slips. A K-12 Student Behavior Management System from IdentiSys allows school staff to quickly scan student IDs to view student information from any desktop web-browser or mobile app. Easily verify a student’s photo and information, print passes, assign warnings, manage detentions and more!

This electronic solution can be used anywhere on campus and has full reporting capabilities, as well as parental notifications — instant email and SMS notifications to parents and guardians.

Video: ​PerfectPass K-12 Cloud-Based Behavior Management System

IdentiSys is a full-service solutions provider for anything and everything identification. From the printers and software to issue student ID cards, to the integration of student cards with attendance, tracking and behavior management. The breadth and depth of our portfolio means you can always find a perfect fit or solution for your needs and budget.