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Identification, Tracking, and Security Solutions

At IdentiSys, we understand the unique needs of the gaming industry and provide tailored solutions to enhance security, streamline operations, and optimize player experiences. As a leading provider of comprehensive identification and security solutions, we offer a range of products and services specifically designed for the gaming market.

Our cutting-edge technology and expertise enable us to address the challenges faced by casinos and gaming resports. From secure access control systems and player tracking solutions to ID card printing and visitor management systems, our offerings are designed to meet the specific requirements of the gaming industry.

With our advanced access control systems, you can ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas, safeguarding sensitive data and assets. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure, providing a centralized platform for efficient management and monitoring.

For gaming resorts and casinos, our player tracking solutions enable you to gather valuable data on player behavior and preferences, empowering you to create personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns. By understanding your players better, you can enhance loyalty and increase revenue.

In addition to security and operational efficiency, we also offer ID card printing solutions that comply with regulatory requirements while allowing for customization and branding opportunities. Our advanced printing technology ensures high-quality, durable cards that are resistant to tampering and counterfeiting.

With features such as self-service kiosks, you can streamline operations and provide a seamless entry process for your guests.

At IdentiSys, we are committed to providing reliable, scalable, and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the gaming industry. With our comprehensive suite of products and services, you can enhance security, optimize operations, and elevate the gaming experience for your players.

Contact us today to learn more about how IdentiSys can help your gaming establishment stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Gaming Solutions

Casino Player Enrollment and Player Cards

Casino Player Cards & Equipment

Issue Player Cards

Issue player and VIP cards with OpenCard format, ideal for casinos and other gaming venues.

Casino Player Enrollment and Player Cards

Casino Player Enrollment & Age Verification

Save time verifying and enrolling patrons

Verify and automatically populate player information to existing player card management software.

Casino Staff Identification

Casino Staff & Vendor ​Identification

Photo ID Badges & Tracking

Issue staff and vendor ​badges with a photo ID system. Manage and track vendors with an electronic visitor management system for increases security and accountability within the facility.

Casino Staff Identification

Casino Touchless Security Screening

Detect Weapons at Visitor Entry Points

Enhance security and streamline operations at your casino or gaming facility with touchless security screening. Our cutting-edge technology offers a game-changing solution to meet the evolving security challenges in the industry while prioritizing the safety and convenience of your patrons.

Casino Staff Identification

Casino Player Face Detection 

Quickly Identify Banned or VIP Players

Face detection is an effective tool for casinos and other gaming facilities to catch and identify unwanted patrons from the premises. At the same time, face detection is just as effective for identifying VIP guests for faster recognition and VIP customer service.

Other Gaming Solutions