On-Site Event ​Badge Printing Services

Event Badge Printing Service

When planning for an event or conference, name badging can be one of the biggest headaches for a planner. The process of badging a large group can be both challenging and time consuming.

There are three main options for badging events or conferences:

  • Print badges at the event with your own ID badge system
  • Outsource pre-printed cards with an external vendor
  • Hire a vendor that provides on-site badging services

​Fortunately for event planners and organizers, IdentiSys can help with all three options. IdentiSys represents all major ID card printer manufacturers for sales and support, as well as offer pre-printed and on-site badge printing services.

On-Site Badge Printing Service

An IdentiSys representative will bring the hardware, software and applicable equipment required to badge an event — regular credit card or large format size badges, as well as manage and print badges throughout the event. IdentiSys can provide accessories like lanyards and badge holders.

Custom Event Badges and VIP Passes

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