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IdentiSys is a leading provider of advanced identification and security solutions designed specifically for colleges and universities. With our latest technology and extensive expertise in the field, we offer comprehensive solutions to help safeguard your campus and ensure a secure environment for your students, staff, and visitors.

Our enhanced college and university security solutions are specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by educational institutions. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure campus environment, and our comprehensive range of products and services can help you achieve just that.

Streamlining identification processes is a key aspect of our solutions. With our state-of-the-art identification technology, including ID card printing systems and biometric authentication, you can efficiently manage student, faculty, and staff identification. Our secure and durable ID card solutions are customizable to include relevant information and security features, such as holograms and barcodes.

Access control is another critical element of campus security. Our advanced access control systems provide you with the ability to regulate entry to various areas of your campus. From dormitories and classrooms to research facilities and administrative offices, you can ensure that only authorized individuals have access. We offer a range of options, including card-based systems and biometric readers, to suit your specific requirements.

As technology advances, mobile credentials have become an increasingly popular choice for enhancing convenience and security on campus. Our mobile credential solutions allow students and staff to use their smartphones as virtual ID cards and access keys. This eliminates the need for physical cards and enhances security through multi-factor authentication. With our mobile credentials, you can provide a seamless and modern identification experience.

When it comes to college and university identification and security solutions, IdentiSys stands at the forefront. Our comprehensive range of products and services, including enhanced security systems, streamlined identification processes, advanced access control, integrated visitor management, and mobile credentials, ensures that your campus remains safe and secure. Trust IdentiSys to provide you with customized solutions designed to meet your unique needs and protect your educational institution. Contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge technologies and experience the IdentiSys advantage.

Higher Education Solutions

Higher Education Staff Identification

Higher Education Employee Identification

Photo ID Badges & Tracking

Identify staff and employees at your campuses with secure ID cards and badges. Increase productivity by enabling transactions and tracking.

Employee Access Cards

Credentials & Access Control

Utilize proximity and smart card technology for credential access to door entry systems and multi-factor software authentication.

College University Student Identification

Campus Student Identification

University & College Student ID Cards

In addition to identification, campus student ID cards can integrate with access control, dining and meal plan, vending, laundry, copy control, attendance tracking and other cashless spending applications.

Mobile Digital ID

Mobile Student Identification

Digital Student ID Cards on Mobile Phones

Digital ID cards on mobiles phones provide students and faculty an intuitive, touchless experience for campus identification, building access, cafeterias, secure printing, student amenities, and much more.

Office Video Surveillance

Touchless Security Screening System

Detect Weapons at Key Campus Entry Points

Touchless security screening for weapons, available from IdentiSys, offers a new advanced technology that significantly enhances safety measures on campuses, ensuring the well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

Office Video Surveillance

Campus Video Surveillance

Campus Video Security

Monitor and secure facilities on the campus, watching for suspicious behavior and unauthorized access.

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