Cannabis Clinic and Dispensary ID Card Programs

Marijuana Grower and ​Retailer ID Cards & Badges

Cannabis Clinic and Dispensary ID Card & Badges

For cannabis dispensaries and clinics, having visual employee identification is critical — ​possibly even required by law depending on your local, county and state government. ID cards and badges help keep clinics and dispensaries secure, as well as safeguard assets, and increase efficiency.

Create cannabis loyalty cards to encourage repeat business. Many loyalty card programs are designed to accrue points every time a customer purchases to be redeemed in the future for future purchases.

While several states have passed legislation to allow medical and recreational marijuana use, laws and restrictions v​ary by state. IdentiSys does not provide legal advice for these matters but can help legal businesses ​with a cannabis clinic or dispensary ID card system.​​

With an IdentiSys ID system, you can create cards for use for:

  • Staff ID badges and cards
  • Staff tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Access control (physical access)
  • Loyalty rewards cards

IdentiSys is a full-service solutions provider ​in identification and security. From simple desktop ID card systems to ID systems integrated to access and tracking, the breadth and depth of our portfolio means you can always find a perfect fit or solution for your needs and budget. If an ID system is not currently in your budget, the ID ​card printing service from IdentiSys can ​produce your ID cards ​for you.