Entrust CD880 Firmware Update

Firmware Download & Facts

If you purchased a Entrust (formerly Datacard) CD880, we recommend you update the firmware to your printer to accept new supplies. If you purchased your printer with a firmware version older than D3.18.3-6, it is recommended that you update.

Why should I update?

With the new Sigma series printers from Entrust, CD880 ribbons will eventually be discontinued at some point. This new firmware update will ensure you will have a replacement option for legacy CD880 supplies. Legacy supplies will continue to work with the new firmware update, but newer, widely available ribbons (along with a special cartridge) will work with CD880s once older supplies are depleted.

What is needed to update?

Download and install this driver: FirmwareUpdate_D3.19.2-5000

  • Firmware update instructions
  • If you have existing CD880 ribbons, you can continue to use those supplies until your inventory is depleted.
  • With the update, your CD880 will be ready accept new supplies with a new ribbon cartridge assembly.

Purchase a new ribbon cartridge that will accept new ribbons:

  • Sigma Retrofit Cartridge Assembly for CD8xx Custom Printers - p/n 530064-998
    • To purchase, contact your local IdentiSys sales rep or contact us.

Use the table below to determine the new replacement ribbon for when legacy CD880 ribbons supplies deplete:

CD880 Replacement Ribbons

*Note: If you print monochrome only, no firmware upgrade or cartridge is required.

Need more assistance?

Service Number for IdentiSys Customers: 877.437.3724

Service Number for LINSTAR Customers: 716.631.9200

Service Number for GEBCO Customers: 877.437.3724