Patient ID ​Wristbands and Labels

Correctly identifying patients throughout their entire healthcare experience—from admission to treatment to discharge—is crucial. Patient identification errors can be costly, so it is important to improve the accuracy of patient identification with reliable wristbands and labels.

IdentiSys can provide a complete solution for medical wristbands and labels: Use self-laminating wristbands and labels utilizing an existing laser printer, set up a standalone patient ID system that are ​independent from networked systems or install thermal printers compatible with PAL Plus, Zebra, Eltron and Datamax language.

Thermal Wristband and Label Printers

Thermal Transfer Printer

Thermal transfer printers print patient ID wristbands and labels at a lower cost per ​print.

LaserBand Wristbands and Labels

Wristband & Label Laser Sheets

Print wristbands and labels using laser sheets in your existing office laser printer.

Standalone Wristband and Label Printing

Standalone Off-Line Patient Wristband and Label Solution

Patient Identification workstations are ​independent from networked systems and require little or no involvement from IT Departments to implement.