Financial Instant Issuance

Instantly Issue In-Branch Debit Cards and Credit Cards

With financial instant issuance solutions from IdentiSys, banks and credit unions are able to issue in-branch permanent credit, debit and ATM cards instantly at individual branch locations. Consumers are able to walk into your location and — within minutes — walk out with a personalized, permanent debit or credit card with instant purchasing power. 

Have you made the switch to EMV?

As of October 2015, financial companies, credit card issuers, retailers, and more ​are subject to new Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) standards.

Instant Issuance Increases Loyalty and Profits 

In today's market, it is essential to have the ability to get new customers up and running with their financial card instantly. Instant issuance allows customers to use their cards immediately after signing up, instead of having customers wait for cards to arrive in the mail and hope they activate the card once it does. Additionally, instant issuance takes care of existing customers with immediate in-branch replacements for lost or stolen cards.


Cards on The Spot™ Instant Issuance

IdentiSys is an authorized local provider of the Cards On The Spot™ instant issuance solution.

  • Browser-based software is simple to deploy, update and maintain
  • Integrates directly to Cores and Transaction Processing Networks
  • PCI, EMV, Visa and MasterCard Compliant
  • Complete reporting and administrative tools
  • Cardholder PIN and re-PIN capabilities
Instant Issue Cards

Benefits of a Instant Issuance

  • Immediate cardholder use
  • Increased cross–selling opportunities
  • Significant savings in postage expense
  • Elimination of third party processor costs
  • On-site selection of PIN for higher security

​IdentiSys offers everything you need for a successful instant issuance program, including softwaresystemssuppliesEMV card stockon-site services and technical support. Our instant issuance solutions are Visa/MasterCard approved and endorsed systems​ with secure and compliant issuance software that integrate with existing card management systems (CMS) and can instantly connect to card authorization systems (switch).

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