​Entrust Regionalized Supplies Firmware Update

Firmware Download & Facts

​Download for US / North America Only

If you purchased your Entrust (formerly Datacard) CD800, SD160, SD260, SD360 or SD460 before August 2016, we recommend you update the firmware to your printer to accept new regionalized supplies. If you purchased your printer after August 2016, your printer is already ready to accept new regionalized supplies.

Be sure to use all of your current ribbon stock (YMCKT, YMCKT-KT and ymcKT) before installing new regionalized ribbons because your printer will not operate with the older version ribbons once a new regionalized ribbon is installed.

The benefits of regionalized ribbons include:

  • Regionalized ribbons will hold cost consistent, as legacy ribbons prices will increase.
  • Superior quality with optimized color rich image printing
  • Protect print to ribbon supply communication integrity and increase printer security
  • Ribbon is a reduced environmental footprint with less waste

Contact us if you have any questions about the new regionalized supplies and firmware update.

Regionalized Supplies FAQ

What does Regionalized Supplies mean?

Each region of the country is assigned a region code. This means that all printers in North America have "Regional" supplies that work with printers only in North America.

Why are we implementing regional supplies?

Entrust is encouraging customers to source supplies through their authorized local dealers to make sure that end users are getting the superior quality and performance that is achieved when their ​Entrust system is matched with Entrust Certified Supplies. Regional ribbons offer advanced system integrity, ensuring end users are getting the superior quality and performance when their ​Entrust system matched with genuine Entrust supplies for seamless high quality printed card output. Additionally, regional ribbons have a reduced footprint for greater overall efficiency; reducing the impact on our environment.

Will I have access to different regional supplies?

No, you will have access to only one region determined by geographic location.

Which printers use regionalized supplies?

The SD/CD/CE series printers all utilize the regionalized ribbon item numbers.

Which ribbon color panel formats are available as regionalized supplies?

Regional ribbons are available in the following top selling ribbon formats: YMCKT 250, YMCKT 500, ymcKT & YMCKT-KT.

Does a regionalized printer have limited ribbon options compared to a non-regionalized printer?

No, a regionalized printer has the same wide variety of ribbon selections available. The regionalized printer requires the use of regional ribbons for the following formats: YMCKT 250, YMCKT 500, ymcKT & YMCKT-KT. Only the legacy (non-regional) color panel ribbons of the same formats as the regional ribbons are excluded. All other color panel formats, monochrome and all other ribbon types will continue to function as normal.

How is the printer regionalized?

Once you have verified the printer is regional ribbon capable, simply load a regional ribbon in the printer. The printer will then take the region on the first regional supply the printer sees. At that point, the printer will be regionalized and always look for that same region code for these ribbon formats: YMCKT 250, YMCKT 500, ymcKT & YMCKT-KT.

How can I verify if the printer has been regionalized?

A regionalized printer will display the Region code to the left of the printer model number on the LCD screen. 

Is my printer regionalized when I update the firmware?

No, the printer can still use legacy supplies after the firmware upgrade. To regionalize your printer you must load a regional ribbon in the printer.

What happens to my printer when it becomes regionalized?

Your printer will be required to run regional supplies for the YMCKT, YMCKT-KT, ymckT (1/2), and ymckT-KT (1/2) ribbon formats. You can continue to run additional non-regionalized supplies on your printer such as monochrome ribbons and more.

Are the SD160 printer color panel ribbons and the ribbons used with the other SD Series printers interchangeable?

No, the region codes for the SD160 are different than these new regionalized ribbons for the SD260, SD360 and SD460 and need to remain separate. However, the monochrome ribbons are generic for the whole SD Platform.

How can I tell the difference between regional ribbons and legacy ribbons when they are unpackaged?

Regional ribbons have a smaller footprint, offering less waste than legacy ribbons; for greater efficiency. Because of the efficiency, we are able to offer the YMCKT-KT regional ribbon with a higher yield than the legacy ribbon. As a visual reference, all regional ribbons have physical dimensions that are slightly shorter in ribbon height and also shorter in panel length compared to legacy ribbons.

Is there a difference in cost with regional ribbons compared to the legacy ribbons of the same format?

Yes, legacy ribbon costs have increased due to material and manufacturing increases. Regional ribbons will be generally lower in cost– saving you more money.

Will the SP & CP series card printers have regionalized supplies?

No. The SP & CP series card printers cannot be upgraded for use with regional ribbons and will continue to use their existing supplies.

What happens if a regionalized printer is loaded with another region’s ribbon in error?

The printer will not recognize the ribbon or allow printing, as the printer is looking for the specific region code from the initial 

What happens if the printer was accidentally regionalized to the wrong region?

IdentiSys can work with ​Entrust to determine if the incorrect region was established and address itthrough an exception process.

What if I want to regionalize a printer outside of our assigned region?

IdentiSys can handle this request with ​Entrust. Exceptions may be granted case-by-case based on business situation.

How can I tell if the printer is regional ribbon capable?

All CD/CE/SD printers that have shipped in since August 2016 are regional ribbon ready. To verify your older printer fleet, regional ribbon capable printers require a minimum firmware level of: D2.15.3 or higher for firmware starting with D2 or D3.15.3 or higher for firmware starting with D3. 

Which error code is shown on the printer display if a regional ribbon is loaded into a printer that does not have the necessary firmware for regional ribbons?

If a regionalized ribbon is installed in the printer before the firmware has been updated, the following error is displayed on the LCD: Print ribbon not supported 119.

If I need to update the printer firmware in order to use regional ribbons, where do I go to get the latest firmware update?

You can access the firmware upgrade software on this page by filling out the form. This site provides the printer firmware download along with all the pertinent instructions for successful firmware upgrades.

Which error code is shown on printer display if a legacy (non-regional) ribbon is installed into a regionalized printer?

If a legacy ribbon (in formats: YMCKT, YMCKT-KT, ymckT (1/2), and ymckT-KT (1/2) is installed into the regionalized printer, the following error would appear on the LCD: Supply region not valid 224.

What can be done if I accidentally regionalize the printer before I have used up all of myexisting legacy ribbon?

You can use the legacy ribbon inventory for SP/CP printers or on an exception basis – we maybe able to work out an exchange.

Will legacy (non-regionalized) ribbons be discontinued?

Legacy ribbons (YMCKT 250, YMCKT 500, ymcKT & YMCKT-KT) will be discontinued for sale on the SD/CD/CE product line due to cost. However, we will continue to have a limited supply available to support the legacy SP/CP series printers.