Hospitality ID Card Systems

At IdentiSys, we understand the unique challenges the hospitality industry faces, from ensuring guest safety to streamlining operations. As a leading local sales and service provider, we specialize in cutting-edge desktop ID card printers, supplies, accessories, and comprehensive tracking solutions tailored for hotels. Our mission is to enhance your hotel's security, efficiency, and guest satisfaction through our advanced hotel room key card, hotel card, and employee ID badge issuance solutions.

ID Card Issuance

Hospitality - ID Card IssuanceWith our desktop ID card printers, create hotel room key cards, hotel cards, and employee photo ID badges in-house, offering you flexibility and immediate response to your needs.

For hotels requiring high-volume card issuance, our card bureau service can pre-print your hotel room keys and employee ID badges, ensuring you're always prepared, no matter the season.


Tracking and Access Control Integration

Hospitality - Tracking and Access Control IntegrationElevate your hotel's operational efficiency with our tracking solutions. Track employee locations, attendance, mustering, and assets seamlessly, ensuring your operations run smoothly 24/7.

Integrate effortlessly with existing access control systems. Utilize technology cards to enable employee ID badges for gate and door access, enhancing security while maintaining convenience.

Hospitality Solutions

Hospitality Hotel Resort Staff Identification

Hospitality Employee Identification

Photo ID Badges & Tracking

Identify staff and employees at your ​hotel or resort with secure ID cards and badges. Increase productivity by enabling transactions and tracking.

Hospitality Hotel Resort Room Key Cards

Hospitality Hotel Room Key Cards

Pre-Printed Mag Stripe and Hotel RFID-Compatible Cards

Save money on custom designed and branded room key cards that are compatible and operate with all existing electronic locks available.

Hospitality Hotel Resort Loyalty and Gift Cards

Hospitality Gift and Loyalty Cards

Loyalty and Gift Card P​rogram

Build loyalty and generate more sales with gift and loyalty cards. These card programs are proven to lead to extra purchases or increased visits.

Hospitality Hotel Resort Pool Towel Cards

Hospitality Pool Towel Cards

Pool Towel Card Program

Plastic cards are ​durable and are a convenient way to monitor and track poolside towels. With a simple and inexpensive towel card program, deter guests who might be tempted to take them home.

Other Hospitality Solutions