Campus Student ID Cards Solutions

University and College Campus Cards

IdentiSys is your go-to solution provider for printing student ID cards, from ID card printers, software, and supplies, to a full cloud-based card issuance solution for multiple locations. Hundreds of colleges and universities continue to trust IdentiSys as their one-stop provider for everything related to campus student ID card issuance.

With certified technicians located in 28 states and the District of Columbia, IdentiSys can seamlessly integrate student ID cards with various campus services. With our latest technology and expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions that integrate with access control, dining and meal plans, vending, laundry, copy control, attendance tracking, and other cashless spending applications for higher education institutions.

  • Printing Student ID Cards
    We understand the importance of reliable and secure student identification. Our state-of-the-art printing solutions ensure high-quality, durable student ID cards that reflect your institution's brand. With customizable options, including school logos, student photos, and unique identifiers, we create professional-looking cards that enhance security and foster a sense of community.
  • Integrating Access Control
    Efficient access control is vital for campus safety and security. Our integrated solutions seamlessly connect student ID cards with access control systems, allowing for streamlined entry to buildings, residence halls, parking lots, and restricted areas. By leveraging advanced technologies such as RFID, NFC, or barcode scanning, we enable secure and convenient access management throughout your campus.
  • Enhancing Dining and Meal Plans
    Simplify the dining experience for your students with our integrated solutions. By linking student ID cards to dining and meal plans, we facilitate seamless transactions at on-campus eateries, cafeterias, and food courts. Students can enjoy hassle-free access to their meal accounts, choose from various payment options, and conveniently track their balances, ensuring a smooth dining experience.
  • Streamlining Vending and Laundry Services
    Our solutions extend beyond access control and dining. We integrate student ID cards with vending machines and laundry systems, transforming them into cashless environments. Students can make purchases from vending machines using their ID cards, eliminating the need for cash and promoting convenience. Similarly, our laundry integration allows students to effortlessly pay for laundry services, reducing the administrative burden for both students and staff.
  • Efficient Copy Control
    With our integrated copy control solutions, you can manage and monitor student printing and copying activities on campus. By linking student ID cards to printing infrastructure, we provide secure and efficient printing services. You can track usage, allocate printing credits, and implement print quotas, reducing waste and controlling costs.
  • Attendance Tracking Made Easy
    Say goodbye to manual attendance tracking systems. Our solutions leverage student ID cards to automate attendance management. By utilizing card scanning or proximity technologies, we enable accurate and efficient tracking of student attendance in classrooms, events, and campus activities. This streamlines administrative processes and enhances accountability.
  • Empowering Cashless Spending
    Promote a cashless campus environment by integrating student ID cards with various cashless spending applications. From bookstore purchases and library fines to campus events and off-campus merchant partnerships, our solutions enable students to conveniently use their ID cards for a wide range of transactions, fostering financial efficiency and reducing the reliance on physical currency.

IdentiSys offers comprehensive solutions for printing student ID cards and seamlessly integrating them with access control, dining and meal plans, vending, laundry, copy control, attendance tracking, and other cashless spending applications. With our expertise in cutting-edge technology, we ensure that your campus operates efficiently, securely, and in line with the evolving needs of higher education institutions. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored solutions for your institution.