ID & Security for Airports and Transit Stations

Identification is an important factor in running a secure and efficient operation in the transportation industry. IdentiSys ID card systems produce secure photo ID badges for airport and transit station employees, as well as transit cards (transit passes) for bus and train customers.

Easily track and manage the number of trips a transit customer purchases by using a magnetic strip or smart chip on plastic cards. These transit cards can be issued on-site with a secure card printer system or distributed from a centralized location with a full printer and processing system. A self-service kiosk can also be developed by IdentiSys to improve transit card issuance and efficiency.

Things to Consider

  • How can you increase ridership by making payment easy?
  • How can you decrease wait times and speed up access?
  • Do you need to monitor parking facilities and enable ease of payment?
  • Do you want to issue transit cards at a self-service kiosk?

Transportation Solutions

Airport Employee Identification

Airport Employee & Staff Identification

Secure Photo ID Badges and Tracking

There are ​a number of security requirements when it comes to airport ID badging for employees.

Transit Employee Badges

Transit Employee & Staff Identification

Transit Station, Bus Driver and Train Operator Badges

Similar to airport badging, there are several best practices for secure bus driver and train operator badges.

Transit Cards and Passes

Customer Transit Cards & Passes

Transit Cards ​and Tracking

Transit cards are bus passes or train passes that allows a passenger of the service — bus, train, etc. — to take either a certain number of pre-purchased trips or unlimited trips within a fixed period of time.

Other Transportation Solutions