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Safety & Multi-Sensor Detection

The IoT multi-sensor device from IdentiSys detects and alerts a wide range of unsafe actions and words including help (spoken key word), gunshot, aggression, light level, and tampering.

  • Help (Spoken Key Word) - Preloaded with 5 phrases that would be used in a time of distress. When the keyword is detected a notification will immediately be sent to the designated respondent. 
  • Gunshot - Compiles gunshot detection and location through the use of frequency pattern and percussion. The device has the ability to be alerted within a 25ft range and a 360° radius.
  • Aggression - Detects when noise is abnormal and/or the threshold is above normal range. 
  • Light Level - Able to identify light level in a specific location which can be useful when checking for occupancy, improving emergency effectiveness, and identification of potential intrusion.
  • Tamper - Senses vandalism and disabling of IoT multi-sensor device through vibration, motion of ceiling tiles, and repeated thrown objects. 

This safety detector is strategically placed in all areas of a facility where monitoring for distress spoken key words, gunshots, abnormal noises and tampering is required.

IdentiSys can help your organization detect a wide range of actions in your facility to keep individuals safe. Contact us today for more or request a quote.

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