​Healthcare Visitor Management

Healthcare Visitor Management Systems

Hospitals nationwide are progressively adopting Visitor Management Systems as a pivotal security measure for safeguarding both patients and staff. This advanced system empowers security personnel to establish a precise, real-time record of individuals within the facility. It facilitates the recording of the purpose of their visit and, in some cases, the ability to track the specific patient they intend to visit. Additionally, it provides the capability to generate visible visitor badges containing pertinent information.

IdentiSys' Visitor Management approach is distinguished by its scalability and layered security model, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) through existing IP cameras to identify individuals of interest, including BOLO (Be On the Lookout) and banned subjects or other unwelcome visitors. When a visitor's photograph is enrolled, the system generates a biometric template based on precise facial measurements, unique to that individual. Our customizable software processes video streams, conducting face matching exclusively against the Watchlist. Upon a positive match, automated alerts are dispatched to a configurable list of security personnel and staff members, enabling rapid and efficient response. The system also offers investigative tools, enabling security personnel to scrutinize video footage and still images in connection with known BOLO/Banned subjects.

For the Medical Visitor Management System (VMS) layer, we recommend a hybrid approach to enrollment and subsequent check-in, mandating that a staff member personally enrolls a visitor only after visually confirming the visitor's state-issued photo ID. Once enrolled and vetted, the visitor gains the privilege of self-checking in using a self-serve kiosk on all subsequent visits. Recognizing the diversity of hospital environments, our system is designed to accommodate a variety of workflow processes.

IdentiSys offers a VMS that seamlessly integrates with popular Patient Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, including Cerner and Epic, through the HL7 interface. This integration ensures maximum operational efficiency and provides real-time data for visitor and patient tracking. Moreover, our system offers the option to cross-reference against a national database of registered sex offenders, with no additional charges, and can be configured to be enabled or disabled at individual hospital campuses within your healthcare system. Furthermore, it offers compatibility with leading weapons detection systems, allowing for additional layers of security enhancement.

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