Custom Embossed Plates and Tags

Parts, Products, Lines or Equipment Tagging & Tracking

Embossed Metal Plates and Tags

Industrial and manufacturing companies use metal plates and tags for identifying and tracking parts, products, lines and equipment because they are durable and can withstand tarnish, paint, corrosion and environmental damage​.

Blank metal plate and tag options include: mill finished aluminum, tin plate steel, galvanized soft temper, brass, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum—with optional background color.​

Tracking solutions such as handhelds, smart phones, PCs and tablet devices may be used to track metal tags using 2D data matrix barcode.

IdentiSys is a provider of metal plate and tags, metal embossing systems and tracking software. Our service bureau can also produce pre-printed metal plates and tags for you if owning embossing equipment is not an option.