Plastic Card Laser Engraver ​Systems

Print and Laser Engrave Plastic PVC Cards

Laser-engraved personalization on PVC cards is used for applications where high security is a top priority. Laser card engraving systems allow for multiple personalization attributes such as micro text data print, making forgery and manipulation virtually impossible. Altering engraved information on plastic cards will result in clear visible card damage.

Laser card printer systems from IdentiSys are used for many applications, such as government-to-citizen IDs, student ID cards, and other high security-demanding cards. IdentiSys local representatives nationwide can provide expert advice, consultation and on-site demonstrations. Additionally, IdentiSys customer engineers provide local on-site service, maintenance and installations.

Plastic Card Laser Engrave Machine

Laser Card Printers

Matica S7000DT Plastic Card Engraving System
The Matica S7000 DT Laser Engraving System is ideally suited for the flexible mass issuance where quantity, speed and high quality count the most.

Matica EDIsecure LCP9000 Laser Color Personalization System
The Matica (EDIsecure) LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System integrates the advantages of high quality XID Retransfer color printing and secure laser engraving on a single ID card in a one step process.

HID Global FARGO HDP8500LE Industrial Card Laser Engraver
The FARGO HDP8500LE integrates seamlessly with the HDP8500 card printer/encoder and card lamination modules, enabling increased credential and organizational security by combining high security laser-engraved personalization with superior High Definition Printing™ (HDP®).