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Organizations ​use ​plastic cards for various applications, from identification cards, to membership and loyalty cards, to promotional/fundraising cards or financial cards such as gift cards, debit cards and credit cards. ​IdentiSys ​is a provider of ID card machines with many different features and capabilities to choose from. IdentiSys local representatives nationwide can provide expert advice, consultation and on-site demonstrations. Additionally, IdentiSys customer engineers provide local on-site service, maintenance and installations.

If an ID ​card system is not currently in your budget, the plastic ID card printing service from IdentiSys can produce ID ​cards for you.

ID Card Maker Machines

Build Your ID ​Card Maker System

Our local ID experts are available to help build the right ID ​card system for your organization.

ID Card Technology

Access ID Card
Having an ID card with proximity or smart card technology allows you to track and secure your facility at key entrances using access control technology. Many gyms utilize prox and smart card technology on membership ID cards to track membership usage and access.

Barcoded ID Cards
Some organizations use barcodes on ID cards for a number of different functions. Most of our ID card printers can print several types of barcodes, including QR, 2-D and more. Organizations have loyalty card programs that utilize barcodes and tracking software to track usage and purchases.

Color-Coded ID Cards
Having color-coded ID cards allows organizations to identify different classifications. It is common practice for organizations to print membership cards in different colors to promote different levels of membership, a common practice for player cards in the gaming industry.

Holographic Overlaminates
Overlaminates increase durability and add security to ID Cards. A unique holographic laminate can be customized for your organization. State and federal Identification cards utilize custom holographic images to make it difficult to reproduce.

Magnetic Stripe ID Cards
Mag stripe technology gives a card multiple functions, including access control and payment processing. Mag stripe cards are common in identification cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and financial cards.

RFID Technology ​ID Cards
RFID ​cards ​are a great solution for added safety and security, as it is used to track activity. These RFID cards can be produced using an ID card printer with RFID encoding.