Custom Printed Lanyards

IdentiSys specializes in high quality and competitively-priced custom lanyards with a wide array of different manufacturing processes and materials.

Custom lanyards are perfect for your next meeting, trade show, or event. Customized lanyards make for a great way to promote your business or event, while also serving as a functional and essential badge or ID holder.

We offer PMS color matching for the lanyard material (dye-sublimation) and imprint so that you can perfectly match the lanyard's colors with your organization and logo.

Custom Lanyards

While there are many options to consider — materials, imprint method, attachments, finishing options and safety add-ons — our ID experts are available to assist and recommend the right solution for your custom lanyard project.

Use the form on this page to start the process of requesting a quote on custom lanyards or simply call us at 877.213.8180.

1. Lanyard Mater​ial Types

Personalized Flat Braid Lanyards

Flat Braid
Most economical choice.

Personalized OptiWeave Lanyard

Tubular flexible polyester. Great for silk screen imprinting.

Personalized MicroWeave Lanyard

MicroWeave Most Popular!
Ribbed polyester material. Great print quality and economical.

Personalized UltraWeave Lanyard

Smooth, satin-like polyester material. Superior base for imprinting.

Personalized Woven-In Lanyard

A polyester material in which the design is woven into the fabric.

Personalized Bamboo Lanyard

Comprised of rayon fibers that are made from bamboo. Very soft to the touch.

Personalized Cotton Lanyard

Organic Cotton
Made with 100% organic cotton grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Personalized Anti-Microbial Lanyard

Polyester material ​with nanoparticles that coat the material fibers to prevent the growth of germs.

Personalized Recycled PET Lanyard

Recycled P.E.T.
Made from 100% recycled polyester. (80% pre-consumer & 20% post-consumer waste)

2. Lanyard Imprinting Methods

Personalized Silk Screen Lanyard

Silk Screen
The most economical imprinting method. You can silk screen on almost every material with the exception of "Woven-In." Allows up to 3 color imprint.

Personalized Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Dye Sublimation (Dye-Sub)
Color is dyed into the fabric. Ideal for intricate designs. Endless color options and shows gradient detail. For best results, choose "UltraWeave." fabric.

Personalized Graphic Woven-In Lanyard

Design is woven into the fabric. The tight weave allows fora crisp and clean imprint. You can choose up to 12 thread colors.

3. Lanyard Width Sizes

There are four different width options depending on which material you choose. The most popular width is 5/8".

Materials & Available Widths:

  • Bamboo: 3/8" & 5/8"
  • Woven-In: 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
  • Flat Braid: 3/8"
  • OptiWeave: 5/8"
  • All Others: 3/8", 5/8", 3/4" & 1"
Click on graphic to ​view at scale.
Lanyard Custom Sizes

4. Lanyard End Attachments

Personalized Lanyard End Attachments
  • 1. Black Ox Swivel Bulldog Clip
  • 2. Black Ox Split Ring
  • 3. Black Ox Swivel Hook
  • 4. NPS Trigger Snap Swivel Hook
  • 5. NPS Bulldog Clip with Large Opening
  • 6. NPS Bulldog Clip with Small Ring
  • 7. Lobster Claw
  • 8. NPS Split Ring
  • 9. NPS Swivel Bulldog Clip
  • 10. NPS Swivel Hook

Custom Lanyard end Attachments

  • 11. Card Clamp
  • 12. "No-Flip" Plastic Hook
  • 13. Badge Reel with Card ​Clamp*
  • 14. Badge Reel with Strap*
  • 15. Badge Reel Combo*
  • 16. NPS Large Non-Swivel J-Hook
  • 17. Narrow Plastic Hook
  • 18. Wide Plastic Hook

* Custom imprint/graphics available

5. Lanyard ​Finishing Options

Lanyard Add-on Options

Lanyard Sewn & Crimp Finishing OptionsThe finishing option on your lanyard affects the look of the lanyard and helps the attachment you select to hang properly. ​Crimps and sewn ends are the most economical finishing options available, but other options — beads, cord locks and sliders — improve the lanyard's quality and performance.

  • 1. Plastic Silver Bead
    3/8" material only
  • 2. Card Lock
    3/8" material only
  • 3. Round Slider*
    *​Example shown with optional imprinting
  • 4. Diamond Slider*
  • 5. Imprintable Attachment*
  • 6. DTACH

* Custom imprint/graphics available

6. Lanyard Safety Add-on Options

Lanyard Breakaway Option
Use Online "Design Your Lanyard" Tool.

Design a Custom Lanyard


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