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Mag Stripe Swipe Card Entry System

Magnetic stripe card access control — also known as swipe card access control — is a low security controlled access solution. Featuring encoded magnetic stripe technology, mag stripe access control systems work with mag swipe technology readers and low coercivity (LoCo) and high coercivity (HiCo) mag cards.

With our magnetic stripe door entry systems, you can enhance the security of your facility. Our technology ensures seamless access control, allowing authorized individuals to enter designated areas effortlessly. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that our magnetic stripe access control systems bring.

At IdentiSys, we understand the importance of efficient and reliable swipe access door entry systems. That's why we offer high-quality solutions designed to streamline access management. With our swipe access door entry systems, you can empower your organization with a secure and user-friendly solution that simplifies the entry process for both employees and visitors.

Partner with IdentiSys to optimize your physical security. Our comprehensive range of solutions caters to diverse industries, ensuring a customized approach that meets your specific requirements. Benefit from our expertise in magnetic stripe access control systems to protect your assets and maintain a secure environment.

Discover the future of access control systems with IdentiSys. Contact us today to explore our innovative solutions and take the first step towards strengthening your security infrastructure.

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