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Secured areas come in all different shapes and sizes, from traditional offices to oil refineries, and construction sites. IdentiSys offers handheld access control solutions to quickly verify personnel and visitor information using ID cards and badges with barcode, proximity or smart card technologies. Information like name, photo ID, certifications, and permissions are easily pulled up and verified on a portable handheld device.

Handheld badge readers allow organizations to secure and manage personnel at any fixed or remote location since the readers stay connected with cellular or WiFi connectivity. No internet connection? No problem. These readers continue to work offline until data is available again.

This solution is used to verify credentials at any location for access, as well as maintain continuously updated occupancy information to monitor where employees and visitors are at all times.

Integrate with Existing Access Control Systems

Many companies already issue badges for door access. Our handheld access control solutions integrates with existing access control software to control access in areas beyond fixed physical entry points like company shuttles, employee trainings, vehicle gates, temporary gates, employee checks by guards, events, and more.

  • Software House
  • LenelS2
  • Honeywell
  • Genetec
  • Identiv
  • AMAG
  • Keyscan
  • RS2
  • Galaxy Control
  • Open Options
  • IDenticard
  • Many more

IdentiSys has unparalleled experience with handheld access and security. Whether you need to control access to a single entry point or a complex multi-site facility, IdentiSys provides complete end-to-end solutions and service.

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