New IdentiSys Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

ID System Services

During this National Emergency we know that you are working hard to keep your employees safe.  Most businesses have implemented visitor restrictions and we certainly understand the reason behind this. However, we also understand that you need to keep your equipment up and operating to meet your business needs.

With that in mind, beginning on Monday, March 23, IdentiSys is implementing the following service plan to make this easier for you –

Contact IdentiSys for service the same as you always do, or if you’re new to our services call 877-437-3724.  We will confirm the need and set-up a time for our technician to come to your facility between 8 AM and 5 PM. Our technician will call when they are near your facility.  You can either place the product to be serviced outside the door or you can arrange to hand off the product to the service technician. If you place it outside the door, we will call/text and confirm that we have picked it up and will take the product away to be serviced off-site. Once repaired, the product will be returned and again, we will call/text to let you know when it is coming so you can arrange for someone to pick it up outside the door or meet the technician. 

If you have a current on-site service agreement this pick-up and drop-off service is free. If you do not have an existing contract, the pick-up/drop-off service fee is $49.00. A 50-mile rule applies, please call our Service Dispatch line to see if you qualify. Applicable hourly charges apply for repairs.

We want to make this as easy as possible yet keep everyone safe. We hope this plan will make it easier for you to keep your business operating at upmost efficiency.

Contact our service department at:

Phone: 877.437.3724


Or, request a pick-up and drop-off service using the form on this page.