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In this time of uncertainty with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), IdentiSys is here to support all of our customers working on keeping our kids educated and safe.

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Create photo ID badges for teachers and staff to improve school safety and security.

Contact Tracing and Surge Site Location Services

​IdentiSys partners with HID​ and Prompt.Health (Infinite Leap) to ​offer a Contact Tracing/Surge Site Location Services Rapid Deployment kit. 

Schools and daycares can efficiently monitor interactions by digitally accounting for:

  • Teacher, staff and student movements within the facility
  • Encounters with other people
  • Determine potential exposures
  • Quickly react to minimize the spread of disease

Implement a Data Driven Contact Tracing Solution to Combat the Spread of Infectious Diseases


Signage, Floor and Area Markers

Helpful signs and floor marking solutions are designed to reinforce CDC recommendations and guidelines throughout your school — and continue to help stop the spread.

People Screening and Testing

IdentiSys is a provider of Mobile Solutions® from Elliott Data Systems, a solution for automated identification, registration, and tracking - perfect for quick, efficient and accurate on-site testing and screening. Identify people in line and quickly process each person as they are screened or tested for COVID-19.

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Visitor Management

Having a visitor identification program can help identify who's a visitor and their access amid concerns of the COVID-19 event. Protecting visitors at check-in is the first line of defense. It's critical to have a handle on who walks into a facility and how long they've been there.

Temperature Sensor Solutions

IdentiSys is a provider of bi-spectrum radiometric technology cameras. Use HD video camera and thermal camera side by side, combined with advanced artificial intelligence to detect elevated body temperatures related to illness.

Thermal Camera
WatchNet Thermal Camera

Cameras feature an on-board temperature detection algorithm of up to 16 body detection targets at a 30ms response time. A high temperature detection alarm goes off for targets that meet or exceed temperature level.

WatchNet Thermal Camera

Temperature detection is capable of being fitted with access control software for combination with facial recognition access. Automatically deny access to authorized personnel from entry if they meet or exceed temperature level. 

Face Shields

Face shields, also called face visors, are used to prevent chemicals, droplets in the air, germs, liquids and paints from splashing into your eyes and face. The full face protective cap provides all around coverage and protects the face from saliva flying into the air.

Face Shield Design
  • Wrap around design for face protection
  • Lightweight comfortable design with elastic head band and foam cushion
  • Clear PET shield material for aerosols, spray and splash protection
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 requirements
Face Shields

Face Shields

F​ixed Hygiene Barriers

Hygiene barriers provide protection in any environment where people interact in close proximity. With multiple designs available and the ability to customize to specific requirements, ​there is a fit for any location.

Fixed Hygiene Barriers

Portable Hygiene Barriers

Portable protective hygiene barriers are made from clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate and folds into a single plane for easy carrying using the built-in handle.

Portable Hygiene Barriers