Integrated Campus Card Solution

University and College Campus Cards

Every university and college campus has its own specific needs when it comes to campus ID cards with access control, dining and meal plan, vending, laundry, copy control, attendance tracking and other cashless spending applications. IdentiSys has complete campus card solutions that meet the requirements of campuses of all sizes.

Whether you are looking to expand an existing campus card program or establish a whole new one, IdentiSys makes it simple for campuses to streamline operations, so concentration is set solely on meeting the needs of students. IdentiSys is a leading provider of campus ID card systems for colleges and universities, with nationwide local sales and support.

Video: TotalCard - Complete Campus Card Operations Solution Overview

Campus Card Solutions

Campus IDs — card, fob, wristband, mobile device, or biometrics — give college and university students access to vending machines, ​laundry, copy machines, dining and more. A campus one card — credential or biometrics — allow students to make efficient cashless transactions at a reduced operation cost to institutions.

Dining, Bookstore, Vending, Laundry

Campus cards are used for efficient and secure cashless transactions across a whole campus. Point of sale integration with our campus card s​ystem allows easy meal plan and card account balance management.

Copy Control
Copy Machine

Restrict and allow varying levels of copy usage by group or department. Save o​n operating costs by preventing copy machine usage abuse.

Access Control

Integrate door access control systems and video surveillance with campus cards to make a safer and secure campus.

Classroom​, Events, ​Visitor Management

Campus cards can be used to track classroom attendance, as well as validate student IDs at events and register/track guests at dormitories.

Financial Aid, Funds Disbursement

​Efficiently give students easy and secure access to financial aid, refund and student payroll funds disbursement.