Biometric Positive Patient Identification

Patient ID Facial Recognition Enrollment and Verification

Positive Biometric Patient ID

For health systems, record mix-ups and patient identification errors are a serious threat to safety, security, quality and costs.

A photo biometric identification and enrollment platform is a unique and comprehensive positive patient ID solution that offers accurate patient identification, fraud protection, data integrity, and seamless integration while safeguarding your patient’s personal health information.

​Patient photos are captured to be used for biometric — iris / facial recognition — enrollment at registration, which is embedded into medical records via HIPAA-compliant, seamless integration to EHR and EMPI systems. App-enabled mobile devices are then used to instantly identify and verify the patient throughout the process, dramatically reducing the risk of adverse events from "wrong patient" procedures.

Video: Face Biometric Enrollment & Verification 

Benefits of photo biometric enrollment and verification:

  • Increase patient safety
  • Prevent duplicate medical records
  • Eliminate medical identity theft
  • Protect access to patient data
  • Improve patient experience
  • Provide concrete audit trail of activity​
  • Print patient photos on wristbands

IdentiSys is a local provider positive patient ID solutions, including wristbands, ID cards and photo biometric patient identification and enrollment. Request a risk-free demonstration with an IdentiSys representative today!