Corporate Video Surveillance System

Corporate Video Surveillance Systems

Monitoring one facility or hundreds of facilities, ​corporate video surveillance systems from IdentiSys are built ​to handle unique and ​complex corporate security surveillance requirements.

Depending on the level of security and convenience required, our ​corporate video surveillance solutions range from simple analog cameras to enterprise IP network-based systems integrated with multiple locations.

An IdentiSys corporate video surveillance system will help you:

  • Visually monitor employee and visitor access
  • Improve workplace productivity
  • Know who is where and when
  • Record incidents as they happen
  • Monitor your assets
  • Reduce losses

IdentiSys can help expand your video surveillance system to include or integrate with visitor management and access control systems. As a full-service security solutions provider, the breadth and depth of our portfolio means you can always find a perfect fit or solution for your needs and budget.

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