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IdentiSys is an authorized seller of Varitronics VariQuest Visual Learning Tools- Cutout Maker, Poster Maker, Awards Maker and Design Center, as well as the supplies. 

Varitronics, A Brady Business, provides education technology products and solutions that help improve student achievement, reinforce student engagement, enhance professional development, and support fundraising initiatives.  Varitronics' customer base includes more than 30,000 early childhood centers, elementary schools, secondary schools, and post-secondary institutions throughout North America.  Varitronics' latest product suite, the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, includes the Cutout Maker, Poster Maker, Awards Maker and Design Center, and is powered by propriety VariQuest Software featuring thousands of curriculum-aligned templates and graphics designed specifically for schools.  The tools allow students and teachers the ability to quickly and easily create visual supports that help bring their lessons, activities and key messages to life.

Our online product catalog represents only some of the products we offer from ​​​Varitronics. Contact us to inquire about our full product offering from Varitronics.

Product offering includes:

Software, 3D printer, poster maker, cutout maker, awards maker, laminator and all of the accessories and consumables that go with each unit.

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Products from Varitronics - VariQuest Visual Learning Tools

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  • VariQuest Visual Learning Tools - Perfecta

    VariQuest Visual Learning Tools - Perfecta

      The latest addition to the VariQuest product suite, Pefecta is the first full color poster design system of its kind. Perfecta is a compact and school-friendly printing system. Plus the Perfecta 2400 Plus Package contains everything you need to start creating beautiful, full-color posters as well as 8.5" 11" prints! ...
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    • Cutout Maker

      VariQuest Visual Learning Tools – Cutout Maker 1800

        The Cutout Maker is a die-cutting system developed exclusively for schools. Designed to save teachers time and effort, the Cutout Maker automatically cuts letters and numbers, manipulatives, shapes and bulletin board collections from construction paper, cardstock, bond paper, VariQuest vinyl and magnetic sheets. The Cutout Maker comes with 50 shapes, ...
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      • VariQuest Visual Learning Tools Cold Laminator 2510

        VariQuest Visual Learning Tools – Cold Laminator 2510

          The cold laminating system allows you to quickly and easily protect and preserve static visuals, artwork, cutouts, tests and more. It requires no electricity, and therefore does not use heat or release fumes. The dual-sided laminate allows you to trim it without the edges separating. Laminate posters, banners and construction paper ...
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        • design center dc2300

          VariQuest Visual Learning Tools – Design Center 2300

            The Design Center is the central hub for the VariQuest Visual Learning Tools. Pre-loaded with VariQuest Software v4.0, the Design Center provides access to more than 2,000 curriculum-based poster, award and flashcard templates as well as 5,000 graphics, saving schools the time and resources associated with the creation of handmade ...
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          • Awards Maker

            VariQuest Visual Learning Tools – Awards Maker 400

              Rewarding students, teachers and staff has never been this easy and affordable. The Awards Maker serves as an on-the-spot recognition and fundraising tool for creating customized award plaques, trophy plates, flashcards, nametags, parking permits, bumper stickers and more in a matter of seconds using durable thermal transfer printing. With the ...
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            • Poster Maker

              VariQuest Visual Learning Tools – Poster Maker 3600

                Create and print large, static visuals for your classrooms and hallways to reinforce key learnings, encourage cooperative group work and promote school pride. Students and staff can choose from nearly 900 customizable poster and banner templates all stored in the VariQuest Software. Additionally, the Poster Maker's scan-to-print technology offers a standalone ...
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