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IdentiSys is an authorized dealer of Salamander manual and electronic accountability solutions.

Salamander Technologies' Accountability Solutions provide agencies nationwide with a fully interoperable emergency incident command structure based upon NIMS operating procedures. Mutual Aid need only to arrive on-scene with the interTRAX barcoded ID Tag - whether it is a standard clip-on "dog" tag, a velcro "PASSport", or a plastic hard card. A interTRAX barcoded ID tag contains agency specifics, personnel info, rank, qualifications, and vital medical data. Currently, more than 5,000 agencies nationwide are able to work together in this way.

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Products from Salamander Technologies

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  • Salamander Software Icon

    Salamander Resource Manager SaaS

      The easy to use, web hosted Resource Manager SaaS from Salamander allows your agency to quickly create a database of personnel, teams, and equipment.  Resource Manager Features No upfront capital investment required  Affordable yearly subscription fee  Eliminates the need for an in-house IT department  Requires no local server installation or hardware  ...
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    • Salamader Command Case

      Salamander Command Work Center

        The Command Work Center holds all of the essential equipment needed for on-scene incident command in one easy-to-transport case and includes: Built-in power management - no re-cabling required Removable legs that can be stored inside the case for transport Canvas sun/rain shield
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      • Salamander Mobile Express Kit

        Salamander Express Accountability Kit

          A complete personnel accountability system in a rugged, easy-to-transport case featuring a laptop with SmartCard and/or barcode reading. Laptop with pre-loaded interTRAX suite software RFID SMartCard and/or high-capacity barcode readers Rugged carrying case with built-in power management Photo ID software
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        • AssetTrax equipment management

          Salamander assetTRAX Management Solution

            One of the biggest issues in public safety today is asset management: the tracking, inventory and maintenance of an agency's equipment, gear, and tools. The assetTRAX Management Solution by Salamander Technologies provides a fast and accurate solution featuring easy "aim and shoot" bar code scanning, cutting hours off periodic truck checks, inspections ...
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          • Salamander Mobile Smartphone App

            Salamander Mobile App for Tracking

              The Salamander app is an electronic version of both an individual's ID tag and a company collector ring. This app is designed to allow first responders and others to turn their phone into an identity alternative at an incident by creating a Quick Response Code (QR Code) or utilizing Radio ...
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            • Salamader RapidTAG With Zebra thermal label printer

              Salamander Technologies rapidTAG™ On-Scene Badging

                Salamander's rapidTAG™ is for creating incident-specific ID tags right on-scene. Responder identification tags can be created for mutual aid, volunteers, or site visitors. Victim identification tags can be created for evacuees or patients. Tag creation is expedited by stripping data off of pre-existing IDs such as drivers’ licenses or FIPS ...
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              • Salamander Intelligent Accountability

                Salamander Intelligent Accountability

                  The Salamander solution integrates the elements of tag, track and report into a comprehensive solution for tracking resources at an incident, event, or disaster. The goal is simple: unite our country's emergency services with a common tracking system to enhance situational awareness while properly accounting for all personnel at an ...
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