Food Service Solutions (FSS)

IdentiSys partners with Food Service Solutions for Positive ID Systems, All-in-one touchscreen systems, Free or Reduced Meal Software, and BioWedge biometric systems for schools and corporate cafeterias.

Founded in 1989, Food Service Solutions, Inc. (FSS) is an innovative software developer and systems integrator. Their focus is the creation of easy-to-use and cost-efficient products for the hospitality and institutional food service markets—most importantly, our nation's public schools. FSS is dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art software and hardware systems that are fully integrated to meet the unique needs of food service professionals.

Our online product catalog represents only some of the products we offer from Food Service Solutions. Contact us to inquire about our full product offering from Food Service Solutions

Product offering includes:

All-in-one systems, point-of-sale software, point-of-sale hardware, online payments service, lunch pre-order software, free or reduced meal software, biometric solution, food cost accounting software, online cloud data backup, fastTab tablet POS and more.

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Products from Food Service Solutions (FSS)

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  • FSS Positive ID Systems All-in-One System

    Food Service POS All-in-One System

      The All-in-One System is a cost-effective, proven desktop system for your point of sale (POS) application. This product complements our FSS™ Positive ID™ software for your cafeteria program, giving you the speed and reliability you need.
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    • Food Service Solutions (FSS) POSitive ID System

        We offer Food Service Solutions (FSS) point-of-sale software specifically developed for K-12 lunch programs. Automate your lunch process to move students through the line at a faster pace, allowing them more time to eat. And save time and money while reducing errors -- and meeting your cafeteria program requirements. FSS POSitive ...
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