Eyemetric Identity Systems is a spin-off company of New Jersey Business Systems Inc, specializing in biometric-based identification systems. NJBS has been providing technology solutions since 1968. NJBS has operated in Mercer County since 1986 and is currently located in Robbinsville, New Jersey. NJBS has been a State Contract Approved Vendor since 1997 on the state's Mini-Micro Computer Term Contract.

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Products from Eyemetric

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  • Eyemetric TPASS Facial Recognition Watchlist

      The Eyemetric Facial Recognition Watchlist Appliance allows organizations to manage the list banned individuals from their premises. But more importantly, it allows them to easily and effectively enforce that ban. This system is designed to interface with a building or campus’ existing digital security cameras, to constantly search a live video ...
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    • Eyemetric Identity systems TPASS

      Eyemetric TPASS Visitor Management System

        TPASS from Eyemetric is a complete VMS solution designed for school and corporate visitor management applications. T-PASS has a simple to navigate web-based interface with built-in security features that brings the security of visitor management to a whole new level. The optional bio metric enrollment add on that supports fingerprint, ...
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