IdentiSys offers BadgePass, including the SmartReg application.

BadgePass was created to provide a secure identity platform for companies that need real-time seamless integration with their existing databases and desire a product that grows with their identity and security needs.

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Products from BadgePass

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  • BadgePass ONE Access Control Software

      Take your system to the next level with secure door access control in BadgePass ONE. BadgePass ONE access control allows for streamlined reader deployment and easy to manage door access privileges unlike any other door access system on the market. Coupled with a variety of user-friendly hardware options to choose from ...
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    • BadgePass ONE Cloud ID Card Software

        BadgePass ONE is an intuitive, user-friendly, native app experience that allows for versatility like you’ve never seen from an ID system before. BadgePass ONE doesn’t require software installation on your network! The app is available for download from the Windows Store or Apple App Store. Compatible on all Microsoft devices, ...
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      • BadgePass TotalCard - Campus One Card Management

          TotalCard is a powerful, modular campus card system that allows colleges and universities to easily identify, validate and track students and faculty members. Students can use their ID cards for a variety of things both on and off campus including purchases, utilizing meal plans, attending events, accessing dorm rooms and ...
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        • Badgepass Access Manager

          BadgePass Access Manager Solution

            An access security system with BadgePass Access Manager is a fully-integrated access control solution that makes it easy to monitor and track who is coming and going at all times. Secure areas using state of the art software, panels, readers and locks. Real-time messaging and cross platform communications eliminates the need ...
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          • Time Manager software for BadgePass

            BadgePass Time Manager Solution

              Employee time tracking is prone to errors, causing confusion and frustration. BadgePass Time Manager offers a simple and cost-effective way to manage employee time, help you control labor costs and improve workforce productivity. This easy-to-use time tracking software allows users to scan their badge or ID to efficiently clock in and ...
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            • BadgePass Server

                BadgePass is a fully integrated suite of products that includes Identity Manager, Visitor Manager and Access Manager. BadgePass Server software offers you the foundation and flexibility to integrate with your existing database information while adding any or all of these additional security applications in one easy-to-use interface BadgePass Server features: Client / server ...
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              • BadgePass Identity Manager Solution

                  Most ID software is designed around producing the visuals for the badge, but badges aren’t just for wearing anymore! Being able give your ID badge more functionality, such as access control, computer access, meal plan usage, visitor management, and more will help you get the most out of your system. ...
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                • BadgePass Visitor Manager Solution

                    Paper log books for your visitor management solutions are non-secure, inefficient and unreliable. Replace those log books with an efficient electronic visitor management system. BadgePass Visitor Manager allows users to secure their facilities by electronically registering and tracking all visitors. When a visitor enters a building, simply swipe the visitor's driver's ...
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                  • BadgePass Logo

                    BadgePass SmartReg™ Enrollment System

                      The BadgePass SmartReg is an automated enrollment system, that allows you to populate data entry fields on your computer screen with a simple swipe of a card. SmartReg pulls data from any card with machine readable data, and will automatically populate it into your enrollment form or forms by simply swiping the ...
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