• School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) Applications Due on June 15, 2021

    by Nam Huynh | May 13, 2021

    The Department of Justice has funding available to help K-12 districts improve security at school buildings and on school grounds. Up to $53,000,000 in total funding will be available in 2021.

    Individual awards to districts may be up to $500,000 each. SVPP requires a 25% match in local cash contributions. This means an SVPP proposal requesting $400,000 in school safety purchases will entail $300,000 in grant funds and $100,000 in local match from the district or other applicant.

    Eligible expenses include:

    • Video surveillance technology
    • Identification technology (e.g. ID scanning devices and accompanying equipment)
    • Entry Control Equipment (e.g. door locking mechanisms, access control systems)
    • School site alarms, protection systems, and motion detectors

    IdentiSys is a provider for all the solutions in the bullet points above. Time is running out since applications are due on June 15, 2021. Contact us to learn more about our offerings and how your school district may be eligible to receive funding through the School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP). 

  • Upgrading Your Security System

    by Samantha Karsten | Mar 23, 2021

    Professional ServicesSpring is almost here, which means it's time to think of new things. Old and outdated security systems pose a massive risk to business assets and resources. Getting the latest security tools and upgrades is always a good investment to protect your business. Because every business security situation is different, custom solutions are often needed.

    At the forefront of physical security is access control. IdentiSys carries a number of sophisticated access control systems that allow you to monitor everyone and everything going in and out of your facility. Access control can consist of cards or proximity fobs and readers, biometric readers, PIN locks or a combination of all of these.

    If your facility regularly receives visitors from the public or if an access control solution isn't possible, a video surveillance system is essential for monitoring motion and activity, generating alerts, transmitting footage, and storing that footage. 

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need to help staff and visitors feel safe in your facility. Elevated temperature scanners placed at building entrances can give everyone peace of mind and body.

    Your business needs protection outside of business hours, also. For those times, an intrusion alarm system throughout a building can alert building staff and authorities quickly if there's a burglary in progress.

    IdentiSys offers a wide range of physical security solutions for your needs. Each of these systems can stand alone, or work together as an integrated smart security system. Tailor and customize a complete security solution for your business.

  • Should You Implement Fever Screening at Your Facility?

    by Nam Huynh | Jan 13, 2021

    As we adjust to the "new normal" in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and businesses are grappling with how to safely remain open in addition to following national and local guidelines of mask wearing and social distancing. Implementing some sort of fever screening not only helps ensure the physical well-being of everyone, but also builds confidence among those who are more hesitant as well.

    Face Recognition and Body TempSome organizations are now taking the step of using handheld infrared thermometer devices to screen or detect individuals who have a fever, a possible symptom of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. These devices typically operate on batteries that often need to be replaced and requires assigning someone to scan the foreheads of everyone individually.

    A more efficient and accurate method of doing this process would be to utilize a wall or poll-mounted body temperature detection device that only requires people to briefly stand in front of a device or simply walk through a designated pathway. These devices can operate as a standalone system or function as a multi-purpose entry and management solution with integration to new or existing access control, time tracking and smart building automation. Advance features are available, including mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask for added convenience and safety.

    Body Temperature Detection Network CameraFor high traffic applications, thermal temperature network cameras can be utilized to detect up to 16 body targets at a time. A high temperature detection alarm goes off for targets that meet or exceed a temperature level.

    IdentiSys offers multiple solutions for fever and elevated body temperature screening. Contact us to learn more about these solutions and how it can help your organization.

  • Tips to Secure Your Building!

    by Nam Huynh | Mar 31, 2020

     Physical Access Control

    In light of recent events, security is more important than ever to protect your people and assets. Some tips to consider:

    1. Always lock your vehicle doors and don’t leave valuables in sight, and remind your employees to do so as well.
    2. Make sure your business doors and windows are properly closed and locked, and if on a time schedule – consider “a first person in” schedule, or consider all entries into your building require a card swipe.
    3. Make sure you know who to contact in the event a critical component (ie reader, controller, panel, camera etc) goes down – make sure you have a back-up person in place.
    4. Make sure you have enough prox cards to issue replacement cards if needed.
    5. Ask employees to be vigilant – if they see something, let them know who to contact.

    IdentiSys and its divisions are considered an essential business as we provide products and services for Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Fire Response, Security, Emergency Management, Warehouse/Distribution, and other essential businesses. As such, we will remain open. We have implemented stringent health and safety policies and procedures to keep our employees and customers safe during these critical times, and are working to follow all social distancing practices.

    We are currently open and operational. We have adequate inventories in place to help mitigate any supply chain issues and to ensure we can continue servicing other essential businesses.

  • Metal Keys vs. Prox: Remove the hassle of rekeying and switch to keyless access control

    by Nam Huynh | Dec 12, 2019

    Metal Keys vs Prox

    Those who own and manage large buildings are aware of the inconvenience and costs associated with rekeying a building. The more locks and total keys issued, the bigger the hassle every time rekeying needs to be done.

    Rekeying a building happens more often than you would think, because it becomes a serious safety and security issue otherwise. Rekeying locks is usually associated with terminated employees or evicted tenants, but rekeying is also recommended when a current employee or tenant simply misplaces their key.

    The last thing an organization wants is a resentful former employee or tenant to gain access, or worse yet, a stranger with unknown intentions finding a lost key. So, you are left with rekeying every lock in the building and re-issuing keys for every person who should have access.

    If you haven't rekeyed your building in several years, depending on the size of your organization, there could be dozens or hundreds of people who have keys​ with full access. Not to mention, copying metal keys is much easier than copying keyless proximity credentials.

    Proximity Access Control SystemWith a keyless access control system, all you need to do is simply deactivate ​each specific credential in the software and that "key" no longer has any access.

    Keyless access control is an electronic system that controls access to doors, gates, garages and even cabinets, using proximity access credentials (cards, key fobs, tags or mobile devices). Entry points are fitted with electronic keyless readers that lock and unlock with the simple wave of an access credential. 

    Additionally, access control has built-in auditing and credential management functionality, allowing you to keep track of credentials issued and where and when they are used. With physical metal keys, you would have no ​paper trail of who accessed the building should an event have occurred, such as a theft of property.

    There's no question that keyless access costs more than simple key lock systems. However, access control is more secure, simple to manage, and removes the continuous costs and headaches of rekeying a building. Take the costs and time associated with the inevitable and constant rekeying and consider shifting that cost to move to a better technology in access control. 

    IdentiSys Security is a full-service security solutions integrator, delivering affordable end-to-end commercial security system​ sales, installation, maintenance and monitoring to small, medium and large businesses. Contact us today to request a free evaluation.

  • Introduction and overview to commercial business security systems

    by Nam Huynh | Jul 17, 2018

    A security system for your business will provide a greater peace of mind, a safer work environment, a boost in productivity and may even lower your insurance rates.

    There are a number of ways to configure a commercial business security system. For example, an office building will need a different type of system than a warehouse or manufacturing facility. Additionally, some businesses will rely heavily on video surveillance and intrusion detection, whereas others will focus more on door or gate access.

    A commercial security system will encompass a wide range of standalone or integrated configurations that perform one or more of the following functions:

    • Physical access control
    • Logical access control
    • Video surveillance
    • Fire, heat and water alarms
    • Entry and intrusion alarms
    • Visitor management

    The latest in security technology now includes real-time tracking integration, active shooter detection, multi-factor authentication, mobile access and much more.

    Choosing the right configuration for your security system will depend on your system requirements and budget. Things to consider when configuring your system:

    • Video monitoring - Who will be monitoring the video surveillance and do you need the ability to record video and date images for future reference? What is your video and audio quality requirement? Will you need an HD 4K camera system or will an analog CCTV system do?
    • Restricted areas and entry/exit - There are many ways to implement physical access control, whether it be to use PIN pads, door readers or an intercom system. Do you need to integrate identity verification, time and attendance and record access logs?
    • Monitoring services - When an alarm is triggered, there are many types of responses. Some alarm systems just flash lights and make loud noises, and for some situations, that might be sufficient. In most cases you'll want a 24-hour monitoring service that handles the response.
    • Scaling - Map out your long term security goals. Do you plan to expand on your equipment in the future? Systems suddenly get more expensive with the wrong initial setup, as ​you need to factor in complicated networking to integrate new access entry points or surveillance cameras.
    • Connection fees and alarm fees - Some cities require commercial alarm systems be registered with law enforcement that usually comes along with a small annual fee. Some jurisdictions charge for false alarms on a per incident basis. 

    IdentiSys Security is a full-service security solutions integrator, delivering affordable end-to-end commercial security system​ sales, installation, maintenance and monitoring to small, medium and large businesses. Contact us today to request a free evaluation.