• Restaurants and Hotels: Reinvent the Customer Experience by Creating Your Own QR Code Menu

    Re-posted with permission from Edikio by Evolis and edited.

    There has been revived interest in the QR code in recent years and it is now widely used in our daily lives. Although invented in 1994, it was with the widespread use of smartphones that its use really started to take off. Now, given the recent health situation, things have accelerated even more.

    Contactless was already a growing trend and it has now become vital. Edikio Guest is here to help you meet this considerable challenge!

    Thanks to our printing solution, you can create your own plastic QR code card and, in doing so, provide multiple solutions for your restaurant or hotel-avoiding contact touchpoints while offering your customers an optimal service.


    Enhance the customer experience with a QR code menu

    Display your products

    Having become an increasingly important part in the daily life of most people, the QR code (like digital technology in general), can offer many advantages for your restaurant or hotel.

    One of the problems you may encounter is how to display the restaurant menu as well as other hotel services. This is one of the key steps in the customer journey and getting it right is essential!

    Time to change your habits?

    With the new hygiene measures in place, handing out a menu is now strongly discouraged. This could be the time for you to try something new!

    Depending on the layout of your venue, having the menu and/or drinks displayed on a large slate board may require your customers to move around and therefore present a major organizational problem.

    The menu can become a health risk due to being handled by different people, in addition to having to be cleaned each time it is used. Single-use paper menus? Not such a good idea as they may seem, since they could prove expensive and impractical, as well as having a significant environmental impact.

    So you need to find another solution... And at Edikio Guest we have just what you need


    The QR code menu: a simple, multi-purpose solution

    Gain flexibility and autonomy

    A QR code restaurant menu can be the key to improving the experience of your customers while enhancing the quality of service of your team.

    Thanks to a QR code card, you can guarantee your customers instant access to your menu, without any contact, since they can find it directly via their smartphone. They just scan and make their choice... and it's done!

    You can personalize your QR code card as you wish! Include information that is important to both your customers and your team and become more efficient. You can add a short message to encourage people to scan the QR code with a phrase like "Scan me" or specify the table number on the card, for example. And for hotels, there is a use for a plastic QR code card that can be a real asset for your business: a hotel services card. Instead of a guest directory, you can place a QR code card in all of your rooms. Your customers simply need to scan the code to access all the services offered by your establishment via one of the pages on your website.


    Create and print your own QR code card

    How to create a QR code for your menu

    With our Edikio Guest printing solution, you can independently create and print your own QR code card! The Edikio Guest Access and Edikio Guest Flex printers provide high quality printing and also guarantee optimized accuracy for code reading by smartphones.

    Creating a card couldn't be easier! With our all-in-one solution, you have everything you need:

    • Software
    • Printer
    • A pack of consumables (print ribbon and card pack)

    You can easily import all the elements you need to create your QR code card directly into our editing software:

    • Logo
    • Colors
    • Typeface
    • QR code referring to your digital menu

    This increases efficiency, as you can create in minutes what can be printed in seconds!


    Enjoy many advantages thanks to a personalized QR code medium

    The benefits are numerous, for both you and your customers:

    • A card with a digital menu that you can update in a few clicks
    • A QR code medium that can be customized to your image
    • Immediate and contactless access to your menu for all your customers
    • More efficient service for your entire team


    IdentiSys is a Platinum Reseller for Evolis ID card printers and supplies. Buying from an Evolis Accredited Platinum Partner means you can purchase products, solutions, service and support with the utmost confidence. Contact us today to learn more about Edikio by Evolis.

  • Global Supply Chain Shortages Hit the ID Market for Equipment and Supplies

    Global Supply Chain Shortage

    Cargo delays, supply shortages, and disruption in production have officially hit the identification market.

    Many manufacturers are reporting delays and shortages in ID card printers, replacement parts, ribbons, cleaning kits and PVC cards (standard ID-1/CR-80 blank and technology cards). Some desktop printer models are delayed for as much as four months from the time of this post. Similarly, chip and composite material shortages are causing massive delays in proximity and smartcard production. 

    If you typically have a Fall rush for ID equipment or supplies, it is strongly encouraged to get your orders in now. Demand is steadily increasing in this industry, as many organizations are anticipating a rush back into schools, office buildings, and events.

    IdentiSys is an authorized partner for all of the major ID brands and have a large inventory of equipment, parts, supplies, and accessories. As for SKUs of products that are currently hit with the supply shortages, IdentiSys has an unprecedented amount of orders near the front of the queue to restock our expanded warehouse.

    Additionally, many of our partners manufacture equipment and supplies in areas that are less affected by the global supply chain shortage, such as the US, France, and Korea. Whatever your requirement may be for your ID program, the combination of existing inventory, our order queue, and partnerships with less affected production facilities has allowed IdentiSys to offer any number of options for most requirements.

    Today, IdentiSys can supply ID equipment and supplies for any specification, including direct-to-card, retransfer, lamination, simplex, duplex, mag encoding, and smart encoding. All of which are available with authorized sales and manufacture certified on-site installation, preventative maintenance, and repair.

    Contact us today to connect with your ID expert.

  • How to Make Metal Tree Tags

    Tree tags are used for many purposes including: identification of trees to cut down, trees to protect, which trees has been treated, labeling species and genus names, or memorial trees. There are a variety of institutions and professionals that use tree tags in their work: the Department of Forestry, researchers, tree farmers, national and local park services, landscapers, and more.

    The most durable tree tags are aluminum metal tags, and may stand up to sunlight and outdoor conditions for many years. Similar metal tags are also used as arboretum tags, plant labels, vineyard tags, write-on tags, stormwater tree tags and plant tags.

    The Matica C330 Compact Metal Plate Embosser is a versatile system that can fit a number of various applications, like those listed above. The embosser features a silent embossing mechanism that produces low to medium volume metal plate embossing, which is ideal for any environment.

    Capable of stamping serial numbers on tags, the C330 creates durable tree tags used to identify and track specific information about the tree. Depending on the application, the name and description of the tree can be added with the appropriate tag size.

    The C330 produces tree tags of practically any size, but it can be configured for any embossing or indenting application with different options for character styles available. The universal plate feeder affords the user the ability to adjust the machine for varying plate dimensions based on the application requirements. The embosser is manageable on-line and off-line, has a sleek compact design, and is ideal for printing low to medium volumes.

    We hope this article helped you learn more about the practice of tree tagging and the details of how the Matica C330 can assist with that. For more information regarding metal plate embossers or any other ID card related questions, reach out to sales@identisys.com so we can help you out with your identification needs. 

  • Entrust Sigma ID3 and Datacard CD800/CD880 Comparison

    The all-new Entrust Sigma ID3 is the next evolution of the Datacard CD800 series of desktop ID card printers. The ID3 has all of the features that made the CD printer line great, with next generation features that take card printing to the next level.

    Similar to the CD800 and CD880, the Sigma ID3 is available with local on-site installation and service from IdentiSys.

    Take a look at the feature options comparison table and learn about ID3's next generation features!

    Sigma ID3 vs CD800

    Contact us today to learn more about the Sigma ID3.

    IdentiSys is an Authorized Entrust Platinum Plus Channel Partner for identity and access management, ID card printers, PKI and central card issuance. Entrust was formerly known as Entrust Datacard.

  • Introducing the Entrust Sigma ID3 Card Printer, the Next Generation of Card Printing

    Entrust SIGMA ID3 Card Printer from IdentiSys


    Specifically designed for today's environments, the new Entrust Sigma ID3 ID card printer from IdentiSys is the latest evolution from the reliable CD800/CD880 Series ID card printer.

    The CD800 Series has long been a staple in the all markets, including state and local governments, corporations, gaming, and schools. IdentiSys and authorized ISG dealers have been offering local on-site installation, service, and support for the CD800 Series across the US and Canada.

    While the CD800/CD880 is not officially discontinued yet, we consider the Sigma ID3 an appropriate replacement model for this printer series, which previously replaced the Datacard CP80. (Note: IdentiSys will continue to support and offer supplies for the CD800 and CD880 for the foreseeable future.)

    The Sigma ID3 is available in simplex (single-sided) or duplex (dual-sided), with options for encoding, open card, lamination and tactile impression. Similar to the CD800/CD880, the Sigma ID3 is available with local on-site installation and service from IdentiSys.

    Next Generation Features

    • Intuitive printer dashboard lets you see printer status, order supplies, check cleaning status, update firmware, or contact help – all from your mobile device
    • Seamless self-service lets you access how-to videos and other helpful resources by simply scanning a QR code on the LCD display
    • Variable LED light ring lets you incorporate brand colors or other customization into your ambient environment
    • Pre-loaded ribbon cassettes make switching ribbons easy
    • Connection and data sent between software and printer is encrypted
    • Luster printing and other security features added to cards protect from tampering and counterfeiting
    • Issuance capabilities include physical cards and digital mobile flashpass
    • Choose on-premise or cloud-hosted deployment


    Contact us today to learn more about the Sigma ID3.

    IdentiSys is an Authorized Entrust Platinum Plus Channel Partner for identity and access management, ID card printers, PKI and central card issuance. Entrust was formerly known as Entrust Datacard.

  • Many Student ID Card Suicide Prevention Laws Rolling Out for the 2021-2022 School Year

    Crisis Hotlines for Student ID Cards

    Several state lawmakers are making mental health and suicide prevention an emerging priority for schools, with many proposed bills requiring contact information for suicide prevention to be printed on all student identification cards for public schools, community colleges, and public universities. Many of these bills have received strong bipartisan support and have already been signed into law, with many effective as early as the 2021-2022 school year.

    As of this writing, nine states have passed legislation related to suicide prevention information being printed on the back of student ID cards, with South Carolina being the latest. Many more states are expected to introduce similar bills, and it is widely expected that most states will have bills passed over time considering the strong support.

    Whether your school is looking to meet compliance or be proactive in adding this information to student ID cards, IdentiSys is here to assist you and ensure your school has the right solutions to print these cards. This could mean:

    • Supplying the correct ribbon for your existing ID system
    • Field-upgrading your simplex (single-sided) ID system to print duplex (double-sided)
    • Supplying duplex card printer/s
    • Using our service bureau to print pre-printed cards

    The 2021-2022 school year is fast approaching. There are many options available to you. Contact us today to learn more and discuss solutions.

  • Should an Employer Require Stickers, Pins, Badges, or Other Identifiers for Vaccinated Employees in the Workplace?

    With more adult Americans getting vaccinated against COVID-19 by the day, many employers have started laying the groundwork to get back to the office. Returning to a post-pandemic workplace can be daunting, as employers attempt to navigate local, state and federal safety protocols and consider the issue of mandates for vaccines and mask wearing.

    The latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) allows people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to forgo masks in most public settings, indoors and out. Private businesses may have the right and authority to adopt an approach that is similar to the CDC guidance or demand that employees and customers wear masks on their property.

    So, should an employer require stickers, pins, badges or other forms of identification for vaccinated employees in the workplace?

    It depends. There are a variety of local, state and federal laws and regulations that impact an employer’s obligations to maintain the confidentiality of certain employee information, such as vaccine status. The employer must review applicable laws and regulations before making the decision of using an identifier for vaccinated employees in the workplace. 

    An employer who wants to implement some form of an identification program for vaccinated employees may mitigate risk by having a voluntary disclosure policy. For example, if a vaccinated or unvaccinated employee prefers not to disclose their vaccine status to the employer or wear the identification item, the employee would simply continue to wear a mask in the workplace.

    Employers may also consider different messaging on the pin, sticker, or badge that indicates an employee has been approved to be mask-free in the workplace, rather than simply indicating that an employee has been vaccinated. This distinction may seem insignificant, but it could be meaningful in the context of laws and regulations related to confidentiality practices.

    If you decide to require stickers, pins, or badges for vaccinated employees (or those approved to be mask-free in the workplace), there are options:

    • Sticker or Pin - Assigning a custom sticker or pin is a simple way to identify employees approved to be mask-free in the workplace. The main issue with stickers or pins is that people can easily forget to wear them when they come in to the office. The easiest remedy to that is to adhere the sticker or pin to an existing or new employee ID badge, which is usually required to gain access to the building in the first place.
    • ID Badge with Custom Design - Stickers and pins are simple solutions for existing ID badges, but not all badges are designed to incorporate a sticker or a pin. It is recommended that you redesign your employee ID badge to create space for a sticker or a pin. However, if you are redesigning your card layout for this purpose anyway, you may just decide to include a variable custom graphic or identifier that will be printed on instead of manually placing an object on the card.
    • ID Badge with Custom Laminate, Watermark or Tactile Impression - While stickers, pins, and redesigned badges provide the most economical solution, there will be concerns about the longevity and security of such methods. While these solutions are simple, they are easily forged and can be tinkered with. Incorporating a custom laminate, watermark or tactile impression on an ID badge reduces those risks significantly and provides a professional look.

    If your organization decides to identify vaccinated (or mask-free approved) employees, IdentiSys can help. IdentiSys has solutions for COVID vaccine stickers, custom badge design services, custom laminate and equipment required to print custom watermarks and tactile impression. Contact us to speak with your local identification and security expert.

  • Post-COVID Events: The Return of Large Format Badges for In-Person Events and Conferences

    After a year of virtual, 2021 will see the return of in-person events, conventions, festivals, etc. and a large format ID card printer can help you safely welcome back to face-to-face interactions. RFID-embedded card stock or extra space for printed barcodes also offers the advantage of additional security with tracking. 

    These printers are engineered for high-volume printing, which can on occasion be an issue with regular ID card printers due to the lower print speeds paired with the normal wear and tear of the printer pieces.

    Printing on demand will become an essential element of the coming large sporting events, concerts and the like. Look to the following printers to safely bring us back to those in-person events.

    ISG RTX1000LG Card Printer

    • UV ink compatible
    • Capable of 128 cards per hour
    • Contactless coding option

    Zebra ZC10L Large Format ID Card Printer

    • Edge-to-edge printing capability
    • 400 card capacity feeder
    • Direct to card - dye diffusion

    SwiftColor SCC4000D Card Printer

    • One-pass technology utilizing inkjet cartridges 
    • 1200 dpi print quality
    • Two-second print speed

    Matica XL8300 Card Printer

    • Lifetime printhead warranty
    • 2 printable areas on each card
    • Compact design

    For more information on these printers or any other ID card related questions, reach out to sales@identisys.com so we can help you out with your identification needs.

  • Why You Should Consider a 600 DPI Over a 300 DPI ID Card Printer

    When it comes to printing high quality ID cards at fast speeds, a 600 DPI card printer might be the solution for you. 600 DPI printing simply means that the printer compresses 600 dots horizontally as well as 600 dots vertically for every square inch of the card. This allows users to print ultra-high resolution pictures, micro-text, OCR codes, and 1D & 2D barcodes. While most printers are 300 DPI, this advanced printing technology produces sharp and aesthetic cards that create crisp and defined images, text and barcodes.

    Not only are they reliable and easy to use, but 600 DPI ID card printers will work on most materials including PVC, PET, polycarbonate and ABS. These revolutionary and dependable printers provide outstanding performance that deliver on high expectations. The following 600 DPI ID card printers are guaranteed to provide superior text and image quality for your identification needs: 


    ISG PEAK RTX6600 (Recommended)

    • High resolution 
    • Up to 170 color CPH
    • Dual-side printing standard
    • Reliable and easy-to-use
    • On-demand printing or batch processes
    • Lifetime printhead warranty
    • Optional inline laminators
    • Ideal for any high volume application like student, employee, government, loyalty and access cards.



    • High resolution 
    • Ability to print up to 230 cards per hour
    • Ideal for medium-to-large businesses.
    • Retransfer-based waste less lamination
    • Simultaneous print and retransfer
    • Cost-effective, eco-friendly & reliable
    • Patent-pending iON™ technology
    • GreenCircle® Certified 



    • Ultra-reliable and low maintenance
    • Easy to use
    • Uses snap-in ink cartridges
    • Sustainable
    • Ideal for small-to-medium business & K12 schools
    • High resolution (600 dpi x 1200 dpi)


    Entrust CR805

    • High-end look for every design
    • Improved security
    • Long-term savings
    • Lasting impressions
    • High resolution printing
    • Data integrity
    • Reliably fast


    Matica MC660

    • Micro-text
    • High resolution 
    • Bend remedy
    • Electronics key locks
    • Security: UV printing
    • USB & ethernet
    • Variable elements embedded in graphical items
    • Very high print quality and reliability


    Evolis Avansia 

    • High resolution
    • Flawless printing
    • Increased productivity
    • Maximum endurance
    • Media compatible
    • Multiple encoding options
    • Enhanced security


    NiSCA PR-C201

    • Built-in ethernet interface
    • High durability, low maintenance
    • 100,000 card mean time between failure
    • Rotating LCD panel
    • Supports magnetic, contactless & IC contact encoding
    • Optional laminator available



    We hope this article helped you understand the advantages of 600 DPI ID card printers how they can enhance your ID card experience. For more information on printers or any other ID card related questions, reach out to sales@identisys.com so we can help you out with your identification needs. 

  • ID Printers: IdentiSys On-Site Preventive Maintenance & Service Plan vs. Manufacturer's Depot

    When something goes wrong with your ID printer, it can not only be incredibly frustrating to fix, but time consuming as well. Here's what a typical Depot Warranty resolution looks like:

    Day 1

    • Call Depot Warranty.
    • Unplug printer.
    • Take out the ribbon, laminate roll, cards, and cleaning roller in order to ship.
    • Find the box that the printer came in (assuming you kept the not-so-easy to store box).
    • Wrap the printer and supplies in plastic. Make sure you don't forget to crawl underneath your desk to untangle the USB cable and power supply because they will need them to troubleshoot everything. 
    • Get packaging tape & tape the box up.
    • Get the shipping information (size, weight, shipping address, etc.)
    • Haul the printer to the shipping store or your shipping department. 
    • Your printer is on it's way to the manufacturer's depot repair center where it will be placed in line to be fixed with the plethora amount of other depot repair printers being shipped from all over the world (it will most likely take 3 days for it to arrive via ground delivery).

          Day 2 - No news. 

          Day 3 - No news.

          Day 4

          • Your printer finally arrives at the manufacturer's depot repair center, and gets in line with all of the other printers to be repaired. 

          Day 5 - No news.

          Day 6 - Is Saturday.

          Day 7 - Is Sunday.

          Day 8 - No news.

          Day 9

          • They may get to work on your printer if you're lucky.
          • If they do, they will diagnose the problem.
          • If they have the correct parts in stock for your issue, they will fix the printer, package and ship it back to you via ground delivery.
          • If they don't have the correct parts in stock, it will take an additional day or two to wait for them.

          Day 10 - Printer is in transit.

          Day 11 - Printer is in transit.

          Day 12

          • Your printer has arrived; however, it's Friday afternoon and because you're busy with work - you'll deal with it on Monday.

          Day 13 - Is Saturday.

          Day 14 - Is Sunday. 

          Day 15

          • Repeat all of the steps from Day 1 with the loaner printer.
          • Clean up your office area by getting rid of the packaging materials, wrappers, etc. 
          • Find a place to store your printer box.
          • Hope that your printer doesn't have a problem again for a LONG time. It's not uncommon for our customer engineers (CE) to have to go back on-site within a few days because something else happens or the printer just isn't quite working right. Sometimes, the parts of the printer become jostled during shipping which can result in additional repair. 


          Here's what happens when something goes wrong and you have an IdentiSys On-Site Preventative Maintenance & Service Plan: 

          hand fixing printer

          Day 1

          • Dial 877-ID-REPAIR and a CE is dispatched to your location to fix the problem at no cost. Our CE can most often fix the problem that exact same day.
          • Go get a latte and continue with your normal day's work!


          Still think a depot warranty is basically the same thing as the IdentiSys On-Site Preventative Maintenance and Service Plan?

          Not only do we respond to your emergency service issues, but we send a CE out every 6 months to perform preventive maintenance on your printer. CEs clean printers, assure all alignments are accurate, and replace worn parts before they become a problem. We take an active role in keeping your ID printer running properly and prevent you from having surprise down time. To learn more about our on-site service, contact your locals sales rep or reach out to us at sales@identisys.com. 


        • Custom Lanyards Promotion: No Setup Fee

          Personalized LanyardsCustom lanyards are an excellent brand enhancement tool, and because of their varied uses, you'll find they will appeal to your customers across a variety of industries, making them a perfect item to have in your product offering.  

          IdentiSys offers an online Design Your Lanyard tool that allows you to ​custom design your own lanyard using your desired graphics, text, colors, material and ​features. Once you submit a lanyard design, ​an IdentiSys sales representative will contact you to confirm the lanyard design, options, end fitting and other requirements — and provide you with a free quote.

          Now is a great time to order custom lanyards. From May 5th through June 30th, IdentiSys is offering to waive the custom lanyard setup fee.

          Order your lanyards and take advantage of this great promotion!

        • What to Know About ID Card Printer Ribbons

          Choosing the right ID card printer ribbon for your identification needs is essential; just like finding the right printer for your organization, IdentiSys is here to help! Not only do you need specific ribbons for certain printers, but you also need them for additional card printing features as well. 

          For single-sided or dual-sided printers that do not have a retransfer or laminate component, it is generally recommended that the ribbon includes a protective overlay panel that prevents color smearing along with wear and tear of the card. For these types of printers, the following ribbons are used:


          • Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Black (K) & Overlay (O) ribbon is used for single-sided color ID cards that require black text/imaging on the front of the card, and is protected with a clear overlay.


          • This is the same exact ribbon as the YMCKO. Overlay "O" and Topcoat "T" are used interchangeably throughout the industry.


          • Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Black (K) Overlay (O), & Black (K) ribbon is used for dual-sided color ID cards with full color and black imaging/text on the front, along with black text and/or barcodes on the back, and is protected with a clear overlay. To help minimize supply cost, companies will request this ribbon if they want color on one side of their card, but only require black on the backside. 


          • For ID cards that only require color or text on one half of the card, Half-Panel ribbons are used. 


          If you plan to laminate your card, you may not require ribbons with overlay "O" or topcoat "T" panels because that thin protective layer is not necessary with a laminated card. The following ribbons do not have the "O" or "T" panels: 


          • Yellow (Y), Magenta (M) & Cyan (C) ribbon is used for single-sided color ID cards that do not require black text or images. 


          • Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C) & Black (K) ribbon is used for single-sided color ID cards that require black text and/or black imaging.


          • Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Black (K) & Black (K) ribbon is used for dual-sided laminating or retransfer printers with full color and black imaging/text on the front, along with black text and/or barcodes on the back. 


          • Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Black (K) & Inhibitor (I) ribbon for single-sided color ID cards with black imaging/text. If the card requires a chip, signature panel or has any other feature that should not be printed over, the inhibitor panel (I) prevents the card design from printing on those respective areas. 


          For organizations that only want to print one color with no shading, the following monochrome ribbons are available:

          BO & KO

          • (B) and (K) are both black ribbons with overlay; however, (B) stand for pure black while (K) stands for composite black. Pure black ribbon is used for creating barcodes on the card because that makes it easier for the scanner to read, and composite black is typically used for text. 


          • For organizations that simply want one color for a clean ID card aesthetic, monochrome ribbons are available for a variety of different colors. 


          Last, but certainty not least, there are specialty ribbons that not only add more personalization to ID cards, but security as well. The following ribbons are used for these purposes: 

          UV Ribbon

          • Typically used for government agencies, UV ribbon adds an extra layer of cost-effective security to ID cards. These ribbons allow organizations to print grayscale images/text on the card that are only visible when UV light is present.

          Signature Panel Ribbon

          • If your card requires a signature, the Signature Panel ribbon allows you to write on a specific part of the ID card. This type of ribbon is common for membership & loyalty organizations, where signatures are required for the end-user. 

          Scratch-Off Ribbon

          • Mostly used or gift cards, Scratch-Off Ribbon is applied to the card after the initial card design has been applied. End-users may need to scratch a certain section of the gift card in order to use it by utilizing a specific PIN. 


          We hope this article helped you understand the differences in many different types of ribbon and how they can enhance your ID card experience. For more information regarding ribbon or any other ID card related questions, reach out to sales@identisys.com so we can help you out with your identification needs. 

        • Latest K12 Printers for Student IDs and Faculty Badges

          For many years, the Datacard CD800/CD880 and Zebra ZXP7 have been the go-to printers for many schools in the K12 market due to their reliability, speed and ease of use. The features on these printers are essential for the schools to facilitate their student ID and faculty badge program; however, IdentiSys offers new and emerging printers that offer these features and more. 

          Introducing the Entrust Sigma ID3, where you can easily issue secure ID cards. This printer is equipped with a printer dashboard where you can seamlessly order supplies, see the printer status, update firmware and more via your mobile device. 

          Also, the Sigma ID3 features a variable light LED ring that is designed to integrate into your physical environment which adds to your personalized experience. Although this printer is easy to use, your data is safe from intruders with encryption technology, TPM Module and Secure Boot, making it extremely difficult for breaches to occur. 

          Another exciting new printer that IdentiSys offers is the Zebra ZC350, where you can design and print virtually any card! Whether you want to make a logo pop with metallic underlay, add 3D text, create a security watermark or more, the ZC350 can get the job done. Due to this printer's slim profile and low clearance, the ZC350 allows users to create and issue ID cards at any location, even at the front desk of your school. With print speeds up to twice as fast as some competitive printers, the ZC350 can print single or dual-sided cards including complex edge-to-edge graphics. The LED/LCD interface allows users the ability to easily troubleshoot and load supplies, making it easier than ever to use. 

          For Mac users, we recommend using the Evolis Zenius or Evolis Primacy because Evolis continually updates their Mac drivers. The Zenius is a compact printer designed for single-sided printing that is ideal for pre-printed cards. This printer is a user-friendly and cost effective solution for creating your personalized edge-to-edge ID card. The Primacy is a fast and versatile card printer that uses advanced encoding technologies. Not only is this printer powerful and efficient, but you're also able to print single-sided or double-sided edge-to-edge ID cards. Evolis printers pair well with IdentiSys ID Core Original, compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7 (64-bit Processor only) to Big Sur 11.0.1.

          Choosing an ID printer for your school can be overwhelming, so we're here to help! Don't hesitate to contact us at sales@identisys.com so we can help you out with your school's ID printer needs. 

        • Earth-friendly ID Products

          recycling symbol

          Petroleum is a finite resource, and plastic products don't break down in the environment. Plastic fragments and particles are in every layer of the Earth's oceans, and now they're in the air.

          One way to prevent more plastic particles from getting into the environment is plastic recycling. Take a moment to look through your kitchen or work break room and find some plastic bottles and containers with a universal recycling symbol on the bottom. Plastic containers with a number 1 inside the recycling symbol are polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, and are highly recyclable.

          When you recycle these PET containers, they become “post-consumer PET.” This material is sorted by color at a recycling center, baled, and sent to a reclaimer for processing. The raw material is eventually processed and sold to manufacturers. While the recycling centers do their best to sort the clear plastic from tinted plastic, sometimes there are variations in the color of the finished recycled products. The recycled white PET cards offered by IdentiSys might have a slight grey or green tint, but most consumers can’t tell the difference between recycled and regular cards, especially when printing cards in full color.

          recycled blank cards

          In addition to offering 100% recycled PET blank cards, IdentiSys carries recycled PET lanyards in a variety of colors. IdentiSys also offers many ID card printers that are eco-friendly, with the use of recycled materials in their manufacture or in the reduction of ribbon cartridge waste. HID Global and Zebra both have laminate that doesn’t include extra backing, and Evolis designs their printers with a light, compact design to reduce emissions during transport and packaging. Entrust uses biodegradable supply cores and recyclable packaging with their products.

          Browse Earth-friendly Products

        • Advantages of a Service Contract for ID Systems

          hand fixing printer

          When purchasing an ID system for your organization, consider the importance of your ID program's uptime and reliability. What the manufacturer warranty covers varies, and are often limited to a specific time. It's also common that only certain parts of the equipment are covered and the type of service repair is limited to only depot.

          IdentiSys offers many options for ID card system service contracts including on-site installation, repair and maintenance.

          The benefits of service contracts include financial savings and peace of mind. Repairs and ongoing maintenance can add up, but a service contract can minimize those expenses and keep your ID card system in optimal working order.

          Consider the key benefits of having an IdentiSys service contract:

          • Cost Benefits
            • A service contract can save you a lot of money in overall maintenance and unexpected repair costs.
            • The additional costs associated with a service contract should pay for itself by extending the life of the system, or when the system needs repairs.
            • Peace of Mind
              • Service contracts provide you with peace of mind should anything go wrong with your ID system. Most issues will be addressed in a timely manner without much effort on your part.
              • Having peace of mind is especially beneficial when your ID program cannot afford to have lengthy downtimes.

            Instead of being left scrambling to come up with a solution when your ID system equipment breaks down, consider entering into a service contract with IdentiSys. A service contract gives you the benefits of routine preventative maintenance along with access to emergency onsite repairs, technical support and depot services.

          • Entrust Adaptive Issuance Instant ID Software Upgrade Promotion

            The Datacard ID Works and IDCentre ID card software platform will be discontinued on March 31, 2021. For a limited time, Entrust has a promotional offer where current ID Works or IDCentre customers can save 20% when they upgrade to Entrust Adaptive Issuance Instant ID software.

            Adaptive Issuance Instant ID software takes card issuance to a new standard with a web-based architecture and contactless card enablement that allow you to expand your card issuance system at your own pace.

            This promotional offer is available only to customers who move from ID Works or IDCentre to comparable editions of Instant ID software. If you’d like to move to a higher edition of Instant ID software, you can apply your promo code and then pay for the price of an upgrade.

            Here’s a list of comparable editions:

            Other promotional details

            • Valid on orders placed from August 1, 2017, through September 30, 2021. Orders must be submitted by September 30, 2021.
            • Promo code INSTANTID20 must be used to receive the promotional pricing.
            • Customers must provide a serial number of a previous purchase of ID Works or IDCentre software to be eligible.
            • Offer cannot be combined with any other special offer. Valid only in participating countries.
            • Entrust reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion without notice.

            Contact us today to learn more and take advantage of this special offer! IdentiSys is a proud Entrust Platinum Plus partner.

          • HID iCLASS - Secure Contactless Smart Credentials

            Protect your organization with HID iCLASS credentials, which are specifically designed to make access control more powerful, secure and efficient. 125 kHz proximity credentials serves a single function of providing the card's identification number and/or site facility code. The iCLASS smart card format provides identification, authentication, and stores information on the card because of the microchip and memory which is embedded within the smart card.

            Unlike standard proximity cards, HID iCLASS uses security mechanisms such as mutual authentication and encryption in conjunction to reduce the risk of compromised data, all while limiting transaction times to ensure quick processing and data communication.

            Also, HID iCLASS processes information quickly due to the relatively high radio frequency, which results in faster transmission speeds and a greater bandwidth. Not only that, but higher frequencies reduce any potential interference from environmental factors. 

            The features are endless with HID iCLASS as you can add magnetic stripes, barcodes, custom artwork, and anti-counterfeiting properties directly on the credential. Because there are multiple securely separated files enabled, numerous applications may support future capabilities as our industry continues to evolve. 

            Contact us to learn more about HID iCLASS and how it provides a cost effective way to improve the security of your access control system. 

          • Market Your Brand with Custom Badge Accessories

            Whether it's lanyards, badge reels or badge holders, having personalized accessories with your ID badge system is another great opportunity to market your organization. IdentiSys can help you with your custom badge accessory needs all while ensuring affordability, performance and appearance. 

            Lanyards not only function as an ID and gadget holder, but they're an effective way to promote any events or business offerings as well! Simply having custom badge accessories like these serve as great conversation starters that can potentially lead to business. 

            Our retractable badge reels are another great way to use custom badge accessories as an extension of your brand. IdentiSys offers complete customization ranging from logos to tag lines, and you can even choose your own unique reel style. 

            IdentiSys knows the importance of keeping your ID badges and technology cards safe - especially if they are integrated with some sort of access control system. Badge holders provide extra protection from wear-and-tear along with damage from UV rays, which can help extend the life of your ID badges.  

            IdentiSys is North America's largest full-service identification and security solutions provider. Whether you are looking to customize your badge accessories or simply protect your ID badges, contact us to connect with your local sales representative to discuss your project.

          • ID Card Printers: Choose Simplex or Duplex?

            When choosing an ID card printer for your organization, you must first determine your requirements for your ID card or ID badge. What information you plan to have on the card will help determine whether you need to print on just one side or on both sides of a card. In some cases, an organization may use pre-printed cards and require only the ability to print on one side.

            Most ID card printers — direct-to-card, reverse transfer or inkjet — are usually available in two different options of either simplex or duplex. Simplex printers produce single-sided cards and duplex printers produce double-sided cards. 

            Simplex card printers are technically able to print on both sides of ID cards, but it requires you to manually flip cards into a feeder or hopper because they don't have the built-in flipper mechanism that rotates the card automatically​. If you plan to print more than a few dual-sided cards a day, a duplex printer is much more time efficient. Another thing to keep in mind is that some simplex printers are field-upgradable to be able to print duplex, usually by installing a flipper module.

            Choosing between a simplex or duplex printer is just one of the many functionalities of an ID card printer to consider. Contact us to speak with your local ID expert.

          • If You’ve Ever Been in a Chick-fil-a Drive-Thru, You’ll Understand How Mobile Solutions® Onsite Registration for Vaccine Issuance Tracking Works

            This blog post was shared with us and written by Mobile Solutions®.

            There is a reason why Chick-fil-a restaurants manage multiple lines of traffic through their drive-thru and issue meals in a relatively quick amount of time – teams of mobile registration. This strategy does not wait for people to get to the head of the line, they come to you and capture your information and order quickly and efficiently using mobile devices and a team of staff. Customers aren’t frustrated by long lines because they submit their order to the attendant while they are waiting, and the line keeps moving. It is not rocket science, it is efficient event management and its exactly how Elliott’s Mobile Solutions® for Mobile Registration & Vaccine Issuance Tracking works.

            Using Mobile Solutions® onsite mobile registration & vaccine issuance tracking solution, long lines of people or cars can be processed quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly by simply using a handheld scanner and mobile printer attached at the waist. If you would like to collect additional data such as ethnicity, tier categories, email address, etc. you use a smartphone app. The process is simple:

            1. Collect Data in Seconds = Teams of administrators go from person to person or car to car to scan a driver’s license or other state issued ID to collect recipient data.

              For advanced data collection, choose from a series of drop-down lists (ethnicity, Tier categories, etc) or input data such as email address.

            2. Select Vaccine & Label Qty = Using a small handheld scanner, scan the vaccine QR barcode & label quantity barcode to choose the number of labels to print immediately.

            3. Print Vaccine Labels = Using a small mobile printer attached at your waste, print labels that display the recipient data, the vaccine dosage, date administered and QR barcode.

              For advanced event management, administrators can scan the label using the Mobile Solutions app to check the recipient in and out of the vaccine issuance station to verify the vaccine has been administered.

            4. Adhere Labels to Forms = Place a label on CDC card and any other form used to document vaccine issuance by the organizers.
            This process identifies, registers and can track the entire vaccine issuance event from start to finish.

            The registration process takes seconds, gathers complete data on the recipient & vaccine, is mobile - allowing staff to move through the line while supporting traffic flow, and utilizes wireless data connections (WiFi, cellular, local WiFi, or network connection) allowing data collected in line to sync with tracking at the vaccination station. Organizers can implement basic stand-alone mobile registration with Mobile ID Spot, include basic event tracking and greater data collection by including the EPIC Track® App, or perform more comprehensive event management using the Mobile Solutions® App. Track as much or as little as your organization requires for auditing and accountability purposes.

            Mobile Solutions® is a line of mobile security, positive identification and accountability solutions which is available nationwide and locally supported by a network of certified dealers across the country including IdentiSys, a local technology solutions provider with branches offering onsite and remote technical support throughout multiple regions. Contact IdentiSys to ask questions, receive an online demonstration or request a quote to assist in your vaccine issuance planning. 1-877-213-8180 www.identisys.com