Ribbon Yield

YMCK Color Ribbon

In relation to ID card printers, ribbon yield refers to the amount of print images a ribbon provides.

Generally, the yield amount is considered the maximum amount of images that can be printed onto a card. For example, a YMCK ribbon with 400 yield can print 400 single-sided cards or 200 dual-sided cards.

However; ribbons designed with extra panels for dual-sided printing have a yield number that refers to both the front and back of the card. For example, a YMCKT-KT ribbon with 350 yield will print 350 dual-sided cards (YMCKT on the front, and KT on the back).

Note: Printing single-sided cards with ribbons designed for both front- and back-sided printing is not recommended, because you are essentially wasting the back panels of the ribbon. Consider a YMCKT ribbon over a YMCKT-KT ribbon for this example.

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