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Print headThe print head is a critical component of ID card printers, as it converts thermal ribbon to an image on a card.

Print heads wear down over time, especially for direct-to-card printers, as the print head constantly heats up and presses to the surface of PVC ​or PVC-PET composite cards. It is important that you load your ID card printer with high quality cards, otherwise small debris on the surface ​of lower quality cards can damage the print head — IdentiSys does not offer low quality cards.

Print heads can also be damaged due to poor maintenance and cleaning, as well as the improper loading of ribbon. Always follow the cleaning schedule outlined by the printer manufacturer in the included product manual and load ribbons with caution and care, as some direct-to-card printers may have the print head glass exposed.

Note: Pre-slotted (pre-punched) cards are generally not recommended for direct-to-card printers, as small burrs that remain in the plastic from the punching process can possibly expose a printhead to damage.

If you have any questions or need assistance on replacement print heads for ID card printers, contact us or call today at (877) 213-8180.

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