Field-Upgradeable PrinterThe term "field-upgradeable," when it comes to ID card printers, means a printer can be upgraded in the field to add additional functionality, which include encoding, lamination and more.

Some upgrades are simple to do, however many require a trained service technician to come out to install.

Would you like magnetic stripe encoding? Would you like proximity or smart card encoding? Would you like the ability to print on both sides of the card? Would you like to put laminate your card? If these are things you would like to implement at some point — or have an interest in — but have no plan to utilize now, consider an ID card printer that is field-upgradeable.

Field-upgradeable ID card printers allow you to scale your ID card program as you anticipate any needs that might arise in the near future.

If you have any questions or need assistance on ​field-upgradable ID card printers, contact us or call today at (877) 213-8180.

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