​​Color Ribbons

Color ribbons are used in ID card printers to print a ​full color on PVC or PVC-PET composite cards.

These ribbons are usually sectioned into a number of panels that include at least Y (yellow dye), M (magenta dye) and C (cyan dye). You may also see K (black dye) and O/T (overlay/topcoat) panels in color ribbons as well.

​The different types of color ribbons serve specific printing purposes:

  • YMC - Ideal for full-color cards when you're not printing bar codes or a lot of black text. You can still print blacks with YMC ribbons, but the composite black created by mixing YMC is not not as dark and crisp as a K panel.
  • YMCK - Ideal for full-color cards, with the added benefit of the K panel, which is a resin black panel that creates a dark, crisp black text and bar code.
  • YMCKO/YMCKT - The same as YMCK ribbons, but with the additional overlay panel (O or T). The overlay panel provides a thin protective layer on the ID card.

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