• Card Recording and Tracking Solution For Minnesota Emergency Management Region

    A Minnesota Emergency Management Region wanted to increase security at disaster scenes. At the time, each County within the Region used different Identification systems. This lead to confusion on-scene when First responders from more than one county were called to respond. The solution that was purchased includes not only a common identification card, but the ability to electronically scan the cards for recording and tracking the responders activities on-scene. This solution assists them with the after incident reports that are required; and provides them with the ability to create quick ID tags with volunteers and displaced citizens information.
  • Casino Player Card Printing Solutions For Multiple Card Types

    A casino needed self-service instant issuance systems that would print player’s cards. IdentiSys developed self-service kiosks to print four different card types. The player simply walks up and inserts their driver’s license; the information is retrieved from their license, and is cross-referenced with the casino’s database. If the player is in good standing with the casino, the appropriate personalized player’s card is instantly printed.

  • Casino Streamlines Reward Card Printing Process

    A Minnesota casino wanted to replace their player’s club reward card printers. The company’s existing printers required employees to change the card stock type each time a new rewards-level card needed to be printed. Additionally, the printers were aging and continually breaking down, and the casino wanted to streamline its card issuance process and not be tied to using custom printer software.

    With over 150,000 players club cards issued annually, the casino wanted to move to a card issuance system that was easy-to-use, quick-to-print and highly dependable. Above and beyond a new, more reliable printer, the casino wanted a printer that would easily integrate into current workflows and player’s club software platform – they did not want to be reliant on custom software or lengthy, complicated network integrations.

    IdentiSys partnered with Entrust Datacard to provide an updated players club card issuance system for the casino utilizing the Datacard® CD800 printer with the addition of a multihopper and Open Card Format printing ability. IdentiSys worked with the technology team at the casino to create XML code which allowed the Open Card Format to integrate and eliminated the need for custom software. The casino now can issue a variety of card types without having to insert the appropriate card stock for each card printed and they do not need to rely on custom software to print their rewards cards. 

  • Central Card Issuance Solution For State Office Gun Permits

    A State office required a central card issuance program that would enable the department to fulfill high-volume production of the state’s gun permits. IdentiSys delivered a complete solution that included: a MX6000 with insertion, affixer and mailing system; custom software, product training, and a custom 24/7 technical support program. The industry experience of the IdentiSys project team made it possible for the entire implementation to take a mere 2 months. On-going performance checks help ensure that the solution meets the department’s expectations.

  • Custom ID Expiration Management Solution For State Transit Authority

    A state’s transit authority required all ID badges to have an expiration date. IdentiSys developed a custom solution that generates a card expiration date based on the issue date. The expiration date is printed on the card and recorded in the transit authority’s database. This solution enables the transit authority to monitor employee badges reaching their expiration date, and print replacement IDs for the current staff.

  • Custom Program For Insurance Company Cards

    An Insurance company needed an efficient solution for small batches of cards. These cards are typically damaged, lost and/or stolen insurance cards. Interruption of their central card issuance system for selected small reprints would slow their daily large scale production. A custom program was written to convert a Datacard Model 7000 data file to a format compatible to a smaller desktop printer. This custom solution allows the operator to select the files and the printer to run these smaller batches without needing to duplicate the records or reformat the information. This greatly decreased the margin of error and allowed the customer to maintain high-volume production flow while providing timely card replacements. 
  • Custom Student Photo Program For University Campus

    A university campus wanted to update their student’s photo directory. We developed a custom program that matched the student number with the photo and then updated the database. The program sifted through a database of 12,000 student numbers; matching numbers with the coordinating pictures for the directory. The solution also created an error log for all data that did not match.
  • Enhanced Visitor Management System Solution For Elementary School

    An elementary school wanted an enhanced visitor management system with additional security options and an instant alert system. The solution developed by IdentiSys includes checking the visitor’s credentials against the National Sex Offender Database and alerting school officials that an offender attempted to gain access. The instant alerts are sent via email and text messages to school officials so appropriate action can be taken.
  • Expiring ID Solution For Texas Airline Company

    A Texas airline company required their IDs have an expiration date. We wrote scripts that created expiration dates for the new ID cards issued. The script reads the month the ID is being created and created an expiration date two years after the card printed date. The expiration date is printed on the ID and a database logs the date of the card’s issuance, along with the expiration date. Airline Security is able to monitor the employee badges reaching their expiration date, and print replacement IDs for the staff.

  • ID Badge Personalization Solution For Spring Lake Park School District

    Spring Lake Park School District that resides just north of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota serves thousands of students and hundreds of faculty members. The school district wanted to provide a safe and secure environment that would enable staff, parents and other members of the community to be identified when they are in their buildings. IdentiSys and Datacard Group were able to provide a solution that updated the printing and personalization of badges that were issued to staff, high school and middle school students and visitors. Since implementation, the school district has been very pleased with increased awareness and security in their buildings, as well as the enhanced appearance of the cards, speed of issuance and ease of operations needed to issue the cards.

  • Information Archive Software Solution For Law Enforcement Department

    A law enforcement department wanted to maintain a record of all ID cards issued to officers including those issued to officers that have retired or departed. They wanted to archive information from past cards and show current ID card data including photos. IdentiSys developed a searchable database for this function that ties into the card issuance software. Having records of this information helped to increase security for the department so they can ensure that all badges are accounted for.

  • ISO Number to Student ID Linking Solution For Florida University

    A Florida University sought a solution to accurately link ISO numbers to student photo IDs and to encode this information on the card for use at merchants. A user-friendly button was added to the production screen so the operator could click the button, and the program would select the next available ISO number from a separate pre-populated table and populate the ISO Number in the ID software’s production field. The information was then printed onto the card and the magnetic stripe was encoded. To help ensure proper tracking, the ISO number database marked the retrieved number as used in the ISO table. This automated system increased the issuance accuracy and helped to ensure that the correct number is matched to the correct student. The student is then given their activated card immediately.

  • Student ID Badge Solution For High School

    A high school requires all students to wear a visible ID badge throughout the day for security. They have also incorporated this ID solution into their cafeteria, library and other on-site programs. Often times, the students misplace or forget their badges. The school wanted the ability to issue temporary badges in these cases. IdentiSys modified their current software and created a button on the production screen named TEMP CARD. Once the individual’s record is retrieved, the user selects this button and a temporary student ID card is printed from a thermal paper label printer. Having temporary badges for the students allows them to scan their bar code for lunch or other programs and helps maintain the safety of the school with only badged individuals allowed in the building.
  • Thermal Transfer Wristbands Solution For Wisconsin Hospital

    A Wisconsin hospital sought the replacement of embossing/imprinted patient identifiers with a more legible, durable, and readable bar-coded wristband. IdentiSys provided a solution that provided the option to use direct thermal or thermal transfer wristbands. The solution also met standards set forth by regulatory organizations such as HIPAA and JCAHO. IdentiSys implemented a transition process that enabled the hospital to educate staff on the equipment and develop business procedures that increased efficiency.

  • Vendor Management Solution For Large Festival

    A large festival required a limit on the number of representatives allowed per vendor. IdentiSys implemented a solution to manage the number of cards printed for a vendor and notify the operator when the card limit for a particular vendor has been reached. Although each vendor was limited to the number of staff allowed; badges for festival volunteers, security, contractors and festival staff badges could be printed without limits.
  • Visitor Check-in System Solution For Major Casino in Illinois

    A major casino in Illinois desired a visitor check-in system verifying that their guests are not carrying an altered driver’s license and are not on a barred list. A custom software program was created by IdentiSys to allow the security personnel to scan the front and the back of the guest’s driver’s license. Information gathered from each side of the license is compared for inconsistencies; this includes comparing bar code, mag stripe and printed information. If the information is consistent, then it is checked against barred lists. This software program helps protect the casino from various forms of fraudulent behavior and avoid large scale fines imposed by the state.

  • Visitor Manager Solution For New Race Track and Casino Opening

    A new race track and casino opening was looking for an efficient method for registering and tracking vendors visiting the casino. IdentiSys and BadgePass developed a visitor manager solution that allows the race track and casino to scan the license of every vendor or contractor who comes through, as well as run reports on the names and dates of vendors and their visits. In addition to the visitor manager solution, 12 workstations were implemented to speed up enrollment of patrons who are being issued player’s club cards.